Herald JournalHerald Journal, Jan. 6, 2003

Name changes for HJ papers

The names of Herald Journal Publishing's two paid-subscription newspapers were changed this week.

They are now known as the Winsted-Lester Prairie Herald Journal and Howard Lake-Waverly-Montrose Herald Journal.

The change is meant to further identify the newspapers with their parent company, Herald Journal Publishing, and its highly successful web site, www.herald-journal.com.

The inclusion of Montrose in the title is to formally recognize the Montrose area as part of the newspaper's readership, particularly as the communities along Highway 12 continue to experience extensive growth.

All other aspects of the newspapers remain the same.

Subscriptions are $26 per year to addresses in McLeod, Carver, or Wright Counties. For more information or to subscribe, call (320) 395-2932 or toll-free 888-228-1428.

Web traffic hits new high

The www.herald-journal.com web site hit another record number during 2002.

Total page views for the site were 4,724,705, or an average of 12,944 per day. A page view is each time a viewer loads a singe web page.

This was almost a 14 percent increase from 2001 when herald-journal.com had over 4.1 million page views.

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