Herald JournalHerald Journal, Jan. 27, 2003

Door-to-door solicitations to take place Feb. 8 to 16 for LP pool

By Julie Yurek

The Lester Prairie Pool Task Force grew in size Tuesday night when it met for its second meeting.

Newest members include Joe Scoblic, Steve Klobe, and Doug Birkholz, but block/section workers are still needed.

The task force also set start and completion dates. Block/section workers will begin knocking on doors Saturday, Feb. 8. The completion date was set as Sunday, Feb. 16, which gives workers one week and one day to solicit funds.

Scoblic will be a fifth captain, changing the tri-captains to a fivesome. Also added into the captain category are Joe and Kit Radtke. Both are from Winsted Township.

The other captains in the fivesome are Doug and Sheila Jilek, and Rick and Kristi Alberts, both of Lester Prairie, and John and Cathy Morley of Bergen Township.

Klobe and Birkholz were invited to the meeting to share their experiences from the fire hall fundraiser in 1995. They were named official task force advisors, and will be working as block/section workers, said Ed Mlynar, mentor for the task force.

Michele Anderson, city council member, park board liaison, and coach for the task force, has already contacted 20 people who agreed to help as block/section workers. About another 25 workers are needed, Mlynar said.

The areas where workers are to solicit were also discussed and approved. Sections one to 25 in Bergen Township is where section workers will visit, and sections 19 to 36 in Winsted Township will also be targeted.

The general area is two miles north and one mile south of Highway 7 and going as far west as McLeod County Road 15 and as far east as the McLeod-Carver County line, Mlynar said.

The task force also unanimously agreed to send a letter to residents with a Lester Prairie address in early February.

The letter will include pool and repair history, pictures of what is being proposed to enhance the pool, and how to donate.

An additional meeting was set for Tuesday, Jan. 28 at 6 p.m. to finalize the fundraiser.

Anyone who would like to donate, but is not in the coverage area, can mail their donation to the Pool Fund, City of Lester Prairie, PO Box 66, Lester Prairie, MN 55354.

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