Herald JournalHerald Journal, Nov. 24, 2003

HL public access expands, is looking for underwriters

By Lynda Jensen

Live programming and a new feature called "Who Knew?" is hoped to further the coverage of Public Access Channel 10, according to action taken at the Howard Lake council meeting Tuesday.

The council approved an aggressive contract with sales representative Kathryn McCormick, giving her a 20-percent commission for sales in this year only, on behalf of public access.

Media Director Neil Sideen explained that the market isn't established and this justified the higher commission rate. The hope is to help public access become more self-sustainable.

"We do not plan to keep going back to the same organizations," Sideen said.

Howard Lake attracts more cable users than the surrounding area, Sideen said. According to Mediacom, the cable provider, Howard Lake has 55 percent of 700 households, which is relatively high.

In fact, the numbers went up slightly for Howard Lake, even though surrounding areas went down, Sideen said.

It was decided to come up with a sponsorship contract that would allow public access to sign underwriters without continual council action each time.

Feedback has been very positive for many events broadcast live, which included the candidates forum, school football games broadcast from Winsted, and the community service planned at St. John's Wednesday, Nov. 26.

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