Herald JournalHerald Journal, Jan. 20, 2003

New roof for Waverly village hall

By Lynda Jensen

A new roof for the Waverly Village Hall highlighted the Waverly City Council meeting Tuesday.

The new roof, finished last week, went on top of the old, and is making a big difference in temperature controls, said Public Works Director John Rassat.

"You'll get your money's worth out of the roof," Rassat said. "Nothing was there before. The heat was going through the roof," he said.

The new roof cost $9,000 and is guaranteed for 15 years.

If further insulation was done in the rafters and such, this would probably also further improve the situation, Rassat said.

Results of a forum Jan. 7 related to the village hall's future purpose, or whatever building may be built in its place if it isn't restored, was also reported by Council Member Ken Hausladen.

Top ideas included an open space for dancing, dining, use as a safety shelter, and smaller conference room areas, among other ideas ­ in short, much the same of what the hall is used for now.

The ideas were suggested by 19 people representing a cross section of clubs and organizations.

This was the day of the power outage, and the meeting had to be relocated from the village hall.

The council will turn over the ideas to the architect later this month, so that it can begin work on a feasibility study.

New electronic water meters discussed

The council discussed at length new electronic water meters planned for residential and commercial hookups, and how to pay for them.

They are estimated at $180 each.

The council discussed how to pay for the meters, with everything being suggested from a flat fee for users, to a phased payment system, to increasing water fees to counteract the expense.

Mayor Charlie Bush was opposed to charging each water user, saying it is a service the city provided and could be absorbed into the budget.

The subjected was tabled for further discussion until April.

Frustration with Xcel

During his maintenance report, Public Works Supervisor John Rassat described frustration by residents with Xcel Energy.

Around the lake, half of the energy users are served by Xcel, and the other half by Wright-Hennepin Electric. The residents on the eastern half, the Xcel side, have made do with power surges and drops over the years, he said.

Recently, an equipment failure caused the power to go out for 12 hours, Jan. 7.

"The system is undersized and outdated," Rassat said of Xcel's equipment in the area. "People are getting frustrated."

Parks and Streets Supervisor Jim Woitalla noted that it will probably be quite some time before the downtown lights are on because of the voltage being given by the temporary transformer arrangement made by Xcel due to its equipment failure.

The city is working with Xcel on the issue.

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