Herald JournalHerald Journal, Jan. 27, 2003

Truck, tractor pull may join summer festival activities

By Julie Yurek

A new event may be added to Winsted Summer Festival this year.

Doug Bebo presented information regarding a truck and tractor pull to the Winsted City Council Tuesday night. Bebo is on the summer festival committee and is in charge of the event.

The event would be located in the industrial park, on the lot west of Waste Management. The track would run north and south, with bleachers for spectators on the side. The lot to the south of the track would be used for parking.

The council gave verbal approval for Bebo to continue with the project.

However, if a business expresses interest in building on that lot this year, the event would be moved elsewhere, said Mayor Don Guggemos.

Any damage or alteration to the lot would be put back to its original condition and the festival would pay for it, Bebo said.

However, Bebo is not expecting any damage to occur, unless it rains before or during the event, he said.

The purpose of the truck and tractor pull is to attract out-of-towners, Bebo said.

The fireworks display may be moved from Sunday night to Saturday night, so the people watching the tractor pull would stick around, he said.

"We may also work something out to where event-goers save their ticket stub to redeem a beverage uptown," Bebo said.

The festival committee is "trying to turn the festival around and make Saturday the day for people to come out," he said.

The truck and tractor pull would be a sanctioned event, which means the association that puts on the show meets National Truck and Puller Association requirements and has its own insurance, Bebo said.

Guggemos suggested Bebo give a copy of the association's insurance to the city's insurance agent to make sure everything is covered.

The association will provide drivers for most of the classes, however, two classes will be open to area residents, Bebo said.

Industrial park

John Radde of Radde and Sons in Watertown gave a presentation to the council about what he can offer in terms of marketing and selling lots at the industrial park.

Radde is the agent for Gaylord's and Green Isle's industrial parks.

"I'm negotiable, flexible," he said.

How much a lot should go for would vary upon what infrastructure was done to the lots. Another selling point to companies is metro calling, Radde said.

"It's closer than you think," said council member Tom Ollig, when asked how far away metro calling is from coming to Winsted.

Some lots in Mayer have gone for $3.25 and $3.85 per square foot, Radde said.

No decisions were made regarding marketing the industrial park, but Guggemos requested a copy of Radde's contract with Green Isle to see what it all involved. Radde would get a copy to the city as soon as possible, he said.

If the council is interested in his services, a decision should be made soon because companies will want to build in the summer, Radde said.

Radde gave the council some basic information. He currently charges eight percent commission and usually requires a three-year contract when marketing an industrial or commercial park, he said.

"If you were hired for Winsted, what would you do for it," asked council member Bonnie Quast.

Radde would provide full coverage in advertising, he said. He advertises in magazines, the Internet, and has a two-page flyer that gets distributed throughout a wide portion of the state.

Radde also works with other real estate agents. He will work with agents who have an interested buyer and let other agents know about Winsted's park, he said.

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