Herald JournalHerald Journal, Jan. 27, 2003

Art, crafts new in Waverly

By Lynda Jensen

Something new and different is usually happening at the What Next?*! Art Studio in Waverly ­ and this time, it has to do with breaking dishes . . .

. . . and melting crayons.

. . . and beading markers for wine glasses.

. . . and making paper stained glass pictures.

In fact, there are a dozen different kinds of art and craft projects that are being planned there as part of new classes being offered, starting Feb. 3.

The classes are being offered by Lisa (Kutz) Posch and business owner Angela Lachermeier as a creative outlet for children and adults.

The classes last one to two hours, depending on the day and age group.

A special three-hour open studio is planned for 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, Feb. 14. This allows for parents to enjoy a Valentine's Day dinner while their children are entertained for three hours.

Class projects are displayed at the front window, Lachermeier said. An art show is also being planned later in the year to display work.

Craft projects are age appropriate and include beaded bracelets, rhinestone dog tags, "love bugs" filled with candy, crayons melted into unique shapes, painted dream stones, decorated picture frames, velvet embossing, and dream catchers. Future classes will also include watercolors, drawings, and mosaic.

There is a limit of 10 to 12 total students for the classes.

Theme parties are also being offered at the studio or at private residences, which include facepainting, variety of crafts, snacks, games, favor bags, and prizes, Lachermeier said.

These can offer different themes such as Western style or luau, and others.

"These are intended to help give parents a break from the stresses of hosting a birthday party," Lachermeier said.

"We're open to all kinds of ideas," Lachermeier said. For example, a bride and her friends can make personalized centerpieces for a wedding

In general, the classes can offer an evening of relaxing entertainment for everybody.

The craft classes will take place at the What Next?*! studio located in the old bank building, while Lachermeier's personal studio is relocating to the old Johnson garage, making way for the space needed to teach classes at the old bank building. Lachermeier commented.

No experience


Nearly anyone can do craft and no experience is necessary, although the craft organizers, Posch and Lachermeier, are very experienced in day care and artwork, respectively.

Posch spent 10 years in day care and works well with children. Lachermeier is an established artist working in Waverly.

Art and craft classes are available for ages 4 through 7, 8 through 12, teenagers, and adults, she said. They are currently working on offering projects for senior citizens if there is an expressed interest, Lachermeier said.

There will be an open house from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1 at the What Next?*! Art Studio (the old bank building). Refreshments will be available.

Reservations are encouraged, since class size is limited. Call (763) 658-4200 for more information.

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