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Dec. 26, 2005, Herald Journal

He’s coming tonight


‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,

Not a creature was sleeping, not even a mouse,

A whirling dervish in the kitchen spun ‘round,

As mom worked preparing Christmas cookies by the pound,

Dad was nowhere to be seen, searching the stores for a red suit; the pickin’s were lean,

Baby was lying under the tree,

wondering where all the presents could be,

Brother and sister were squabbling in the family room,

Mom yelled out a message of doom,

Within the count of three,

If they weren’t quiet and in bed, they would see,

Santa Claus would bring them no presents of joy,

No, not one single toy,

As the buzzer sounded a deafening beep,

Mother discovered with a single leap,

The cookies were burnt to a crisp,

No one would eat them, not even Uncle Troy with the lisp,

Tomorrow would be bad,

Not even store-bought cookies to be had,

With all of the holiday guests to come,

How would she ever satisfy even just some?

Father crept in the back door,

A sack full of one faded, red suit and a couple presents more

Wrap them tonight?

There’s no time, the idea of sleep far from sight

Unprepared to the core,

If the children aren’t in bed, mom will be sore.

What are you still doing awake?

You were supposed to be in bed hours ago, for goodness sake.

But he’s coming tonight,

We’re too excited to be able to sleep tight.

But then Santa won’t visit you,

With no presents to open in the morning, what will you do?

The wide-eyed children didn’t move an inch,

They were in quite a pinch,

They wanted to see him come from above,

But opening presents would bring them new things to love,

They had made their decision in a moment,

and they would not take it back, no, they would not relent,

Mom, Dad, we will stay here ‘til he comes from afar,

The tiny babe announced by the star,

He’s coming tonight,

We don’t want to miss that sight,

The million to-dos melted away,

As the parents remembered the real reason to say,

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

May you and yours enjoy the holidays through the true Christmas Light!

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