HJ/EDEnterprise Dispatch, Dec. 19, 2005

Cokato soldier done in Iraq

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

Dassel-Cokato graduate and soldier Kyle Seefeldt will be returning home with his new wife for the holidays Dec. 26 for a 10 day stay with his family and friends.

Seefeldt is the son of Ron and Wendy Seefeldt of Cokato. He served in Iraq and is now stationed in Germany for the Army.

He enlisted March 12, 2003 and was stationed in Kitzingen, Germany beginning Aug. 2, 2003.

Seefeldt is in the First Infantry Division (Big Red One), Bravo Company, 701st Main Support Battalion. He is a “motor transportation operator,” or in other words, a truck driver, he said.

He was deployed to Iraq in February 2004 and returned to Germany in February 2005.

When Seefeldt was in Iraq, he was attached to the First Military Police Company where he lived in Saddam Hussein’s palace in Tikrit. He referred to this as FOB Danger.

His main job in Iraq was to haul Iraqi detainees to Abu Ghraib; a core holding area for prisoners in Iraq.

Currently, he is a heavy equipment transport (HET) driver, which are large trucks capable of hauling 70 tons, Seefeldt explained.

Seefeldt is a specialist (SPC). “At my rank, a soldier knows and does their job well,” he said. “I also make sure that the privates carry out what the sergeants say needs to be done,” Seefeldt continued.

His most memorable times serving would be while he was in Iraq, but he didn’t want to share too many details about his time there.

At his first arrival in Germany, he was at a night club and met his future wife, Sabine.

They married after he got back from Iraq in the town of Ochsenfurt, Germany in a 500 year-old building, he said. Now they live in his wife’s hometown of Gaukonigshofen, Germany.

“I would either like to remain in Germany and work for the department of defense as a civilian or get into law enforcement back in the states somewhere,” Seefeldt said.

“I love living in Germany,” he said. He likes that he can travel Europe so easily. “I can take off and go about anywhere on a four-day weekend.”

He’s travelled all over Germany and has been to Austria, the Alps and Belgium, he said.

Although he is beginning his own family in Germany, he does miss his family back home, and he also misses hunting and fishing as well, he said.

Seefeldt and his wife will be having an open house wedding reception Sunday, Jan. 1, from 2 to 4 p.m. at Gethsemane Lutheran Church in Dassel.

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