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August 28, 2006, Herald Journal

The best three months yet

What a summer.

I can honestly say that I did something this summer. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I did several somethings this summer.

When I look back to a few months ago, I was quite possibly a different person.

I have not only gained an extensive amount of knowledge about the newspaper world, I have learned about the people of the community, and the people I work with, as well as a little bit about myself.

No, I have not been scared out of the journalism career, as you might think.

Instead, I do believe that a career in journalism or mass communications is almost certainly what I would like to do in the future.

Through this job alone, I have gotten several opportunities to do some new and different things. For example, at the Delano Fourth of July parade, I met Governor Tim Pawlenty.

I also got the chance to shoot a gun, and I totally got a bullseye.

From parades and festivals, to churches and groups, I have had several photo opportunities.

I got to see the way people act when they know their picture just may be in the paper.

It’s kind of funny, the power that a huge black camera can get you.

I’ve gotten some layout experience, and I got to see the craziness that ensues when things don’t go quite as planned.

The priceless experience that I gained this summer is quite, well, priceless.

I’ve been told how wonderful this internship will look on college applications, and I’ve talked to numerous adults who have given me compliments about taking such a bold step into my future career.

I have also gotten some comments like, “You have your whole life to work, why would you want to work your teenage days away?”

Well, I think that having such an awesome experience under my belt, will be much more beneficial than those days I would have spent lying around the house watching TV.

Yes, my summer has been quite unusual, from helium sucking to speed skating through Walmart to feeding a buffalo to driving a tractor and climbing a mountain (and a rock wall). I have done some pretty exciting things.

The mission trip was really wonderful, as I have told you folks before.

My TEC (Together Encountering Christ) experience was inspiring and led to some self-changing.

My travels were many, including camping in Wisconsin, visiting friends in Marshall, and of course, South Dakota.

I do believe my family saw me a grand total of about 20 minutes a day, if that.

Needless to say, I was kept pretty busy.

I have met some amazing friends, as well as reconnected with old ones.

There’s so many things that I have experienced this summer, and I can’t even begin to cover all of them.

By far, the most amazing thing was the overwhelming support of you folks out there.

My column readers.

Whoever woulda thunk that people would actually read, more or less, like my very own column.

Not me.

I have received an overwhelming amount of praise, congratulations, good jobs, nice works, and way-to-gos.

It’s so amazing to see my work being recognized, read, and enjoyed.

Definitely a confidence booster.

I was even told several times that people look forward to reading my column every week.

I hope I didn’t disappoint you over the past 10 weeks.

I can hardly believe that the summer has gone by so quickly, but it’s time for school to start, and despite Lynda Jensen’s pleas to get me to stay, I must go back to being a regular teenager who goes to school.

It’s going to be an interesting transition: going from layout Fridays, to football game Fridays.

My final column of this summer doesn’t leave you with much to think about, but honestly, did I ever, really?

I would just like to thank my co-workers, my family, friends, and all of you loyal “fans” out there for the support, love, and torment you have provided me with this summer.

It has been a good one.