HJ/EDMarch 6, 2006

Dassel Library gets $300 in books from Horticulture Society

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

Last month, the Meeker County Horticulture Society donated money to the Dassel Public Library for expansion of its horticulture resources.

The club donated $300 for books on gardening, landscaping and wildlife habitats.

The library will include in each book, a silver plate with the clubs name on it, according to head librarian Jeanette Stottrup.

“We are always grateful when people donate books for the library,” Stottrup said.

The readers are inspired that the books are owned by the public for the public, Stottrup added.

Every year, the club donates money for educational purposes pertaining to horticulture.

They began with a $300 scholarship for students in their second year of horticulture, but for the past two years, they were unable to find such a student.

The moneys donated comes from the clubs plant sale which takes place in May at the Meeker County Fair grounds.

About the Meeker County Horticulture Society

The Meeker County chapter began in 1989 with 20 members from Dassel, Cokato, Eden Valley, Litchfield, Paynesville, and Watkins.

The club’s objective is to help members learn more about gardening and the outdoors.

There are currently 48 members, and they meet the second Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. in the Litchfield Family Services building.

The meetings include informational speakers who share their expertise on trees, shrubs, landscaping, garden designs, and attracting birds and butterflies.

Not all of the members are master gardeners. “We can learn from each other since everyone has different levels of knowledge and experience,” said Meeker County Horticulture Society President Gwen Hallquist.

In the summer, the club tours local flower gardens and landscaping.

Hallquist enjoys the tours because she can get ideas from other people’s gardens.

The club also takes trips to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory in Como Park.

March is their seed exchange. Members can bring left over seeds and cuttings from flowers to trade with other members.

In May, the club will visit Babes Blossom, a large greenhouse in Hector, where the members will be able to see several types of annual and perennials and vegetables.

The Meeker County Horticulture Society is always looking for new members.

“Just show up and pay $5,” Hallquist said.

The membership fee includes a monthly newsletter with gardening information and monthly meetings.

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