HJ/EDMay 15, 2006

Search for truth: more evidence

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

Dennis McKeever laid out the evidence for the New Testament, but ultimately left the decision up to the audience at the conclusion of the two part seminar last week.

With approximately 100 people attending the seminar, Pastor Lyndon Korhonen was pleased with the turnout.

He explained that many of the responses expressed a reassurance in their faith for Christ.

Evidence McKeever showed proves the errors in Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code,” and was laid out in historical and archeological findings.

McKeever called it pseudepigrapha or false writings, like the Gnostic Gospels which became the main source for Brown’s book.

These gospels were written during the “legendary period” long after Jesus’ death, whereas the New Testament gospels were written in the eyewitness period, McKeever explained.

The gospel records are unchanged from the eyewitness generation where first-hand accounts of Jesus were recorded, according to McKeever.

“It is not myth and fairy tale,” he said.

McKeever and his audience “took a field trip in the eyes and ears of the apostles,” which explored the Bible’s writings that claimed Jesus was indeed God.

Words stated by Jesus in the Gospels included, “I AM,” “Lord God,” “One with the Father,” and “From above,” proved that God and Jesus were one, and “debunked” Brown’s testimony that he was deified by the Council of Nicaea.

McKeever showed more archaeological evidence that dated back to the time of Jesus.

A large boat was found in the Sea of Galilee that was named the “Jesus Boat.” This boat was tested and confirmed that it was used during Jesus’ time.

McKeever also explained the many apostles who were martyred for their faith in Jesus.

For example, the apostle Peter was put to death and asked to be crucified upside down because he wasn’t worthy to be crucified like Jesus.

“These guys aren’t going to die for a legend,” McKeever said.

He explained how faith works. It includes the knowledge of Jesus Christ, the willingness to choose, a response to follow Jesus and the Holy Spirit which brings it all together.

McKeever explained the apostle Peter’s walk through faith. Peter, a fisherman, had fished all day without catching a single fish. After coming to shore, Jesus told him to go back out to the deepest part of the sea. Peter apprehensive, followed his wishes, and ended up catching 153 fish. Peter confessed his sin of not having faith in Jesus’ word. Pride was Peter’s “stumbling block,” he said.

“Pride keeps more people from faith and forgiveness in Jesus Christ than any other factor,” McKeever stated.

“The evidence is there, it’s up to you to surrender to the facts,” he said.

Pastor Dan Swanson from the First Baptist Church attended the seminar and has also read “The Da Vinci Code.”

The evidence that was presented by McKeever was the best there is for the validity of Christianity, Swanson stated.

He also explained that the New Testament is trustworthy and Brown’s book is mere fiction.

Brown has suppressed the facts so that his audience would believe him rather than the Bible and the Church, Swanson explained.

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