HJ/EDMay 8, 2006

Wagon train, hay ride planned for fundraiser

By Liz Hellmann
Staff Writer

An area organization is making sure a recent cut in state aid won’t leave victims of domestic violence shortchanged.

McLeod Alliance for Victims of Domestic Violence received a letter in April notifying it that it would be without emergency victim funds from the state in 2007.

“The government is cutting money from everyplace, and we’re feeling it,” Jo Piehl, director of McLeod Alliance, said.

The Pink Hatters, who meet in Biscay, are hosting a fundraiser to help get back some of the $2,500 McLeod Alliance will be missing.

The group is sponsoring wagon train, hay rides, and trail rides on an eight-mile trail at the Ken Krienke farm in Glencoe Saturday, May 13 at 1 p.m.

The event is being spearheaded by Kelly Krienke of Glencoe, who was personally touched by the message of McLeod Alliance.

At one of the first Pink Hatters meetings Krienke attended, she heard Piehl speak about domestic violence – a topic that needed no introduction for Krienke.

Married to her ex-husband for 10 years, Krienke had been a victim of domestic violence, and had nowhere to turn.

She does not want that to happen to others – not if she can help it.

“I thought it (the domestic violence) was my fault,” Krienke said.

That is why the Pink Hatters are hosting the fundraiser – to help educate victims and the public, and help victims get the resources they need.

“They were so enthusiastic, ready to do whatever they could,” Piehl said.

There will be a food stand, operated by 4-H, that will offer hot dogs and chips.

All of the proceeds will be given directly to the McLeod Alliance. From there, the funds will be used to change locks for victims, house them in safe places, or repair damage to their homes resulting from domestic violence.

How to help

For more information about the wagon trail event, or for directions, call Kelly Krienke at (320) 864-5949.

In order to plan for enough food and equipment, pre-registration is appreciated, but not mandatory. To pre-register, call (320) 864-5949 no later than Wednesday, May 10.

To make a donation to the McLeod Alliance for Victims of Domestic Violence, call (320) 234-7933.

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