HJ/EDMay 1, 2006

Board begins unpleasant cuts

By Kristen Miller,
Staff Writer

The unpleasant task of following through with budget cuts and eliminating positions was the unfortunate highlight to the school board meeting Thursday.

Due to budget, one tenured teacher and four nontenured teacher contracts have not been renewed.

Tenured teacher, Gerald Peikert, high school math instructor, is on unrequested leave of absence. He will have first recall rights if his position is reinstated within the next three years.

Nontenured teachers do not have recall rights and those are Allison Young, middle school teacher, Amy Lorenson, middle school teacher, Chad Elston, elementary school teacher, and Jessica Hegle, elementary teacher.

The district is collecting input from the community about considering all-day every-day kindergarten. Survey results should be available for the Monday May 8, special board meeting.

The board approved the quotes for the roofing project for 2007. The budget was $380,000, but the board decided to do an additional section of the roof bringing the total project to $393,767 at $9.25 per square foot. The amount exceeded what the board had originally budgeted for, but Superintendent Don Hainlen assured the board the district would save money in the future for the cost of setting up.

The board decided to hold off on the proposed improvements to the ball field parking lots. Dahlman assured that the project is on their minds and “We will do something about it when the funds are available,” said Dahlman.

The board reluctantly approved the revised cost of the turn lane and bypass lane on Wright County Road 100. In February, the board was told the project would cost $45,897 but was not based upon actual bids. Recently the actual bids increased to $60,360.

The board approved the resignation of Valerie Jeffrey, HS science teacher, Melissa Lemcke, seventh grade volleyball coach, Amanda Sunblad, middle school para educator, Beth Carlson, assistant volleyball coach, Grace Yanke, head gymnastics coach, Julie Hoppe, early childhood/learning readiness and parent education, Rebecca Hainlen, athletic supervisor and facilities scheduler, Rebecca Thielsen as fall musical director and one act play director and the termination of Lee Nelson as short-term speech assistant.

FFA ag instructor Seena Glessing asked the board for its approval of the new food technology course in which the board approved. She received a grant for curriculum and lab equipment.

Curriculum Director, Karla Haider addressed the board about the K-12 physical education scope and sequence. The sequence is in alignment with the National Association for Sports and Physical Education, in which the board approved.

Cokato resident Mike Worcester is concerned about the proposed athletic hall of fame. He asked the board to expand the hall to include “those who’ve excelled in all activities, not just athletics.” The consideration it to be determined, according to Board Chairman Kevin Dahlman.

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