HJ/EDMarch 27, 2006

Family in accident on way to visit injured boy

By Roz Kohls
Staff Writer

Colin Mattila’s sisters and brothers were involved in a car accident in Nebraska on the way to see him in Denver.

Mattila of Cokato is a 14-year old boy who was critically injured in a snowboarding accident during a family vacation in Snowmass, Colo. He is the son of Doug and Judy Mattila and suffered head, chest, arm and leg injuries in the accident March 3.

On March 17, Heidi, Katelyn, Rachel, Travis, Amber and Jaden Mattila were involved in an accident near Seward, Neb. Mattila’s sister, Rachel, sustained the most injuries of the group. She, Jaden and Heidi Mattila were transported by ambulance to Seward Medical Center.

Mattila’s sister, Rachel, had a fractured upper jaw, four missing teeth and a cut that went all the way through the tissue on her face from the corner of her mouth and halfway to her ear, according to the Mattila family’s account in the Caring Bridge web site.

The rest of the Mattilas, Katelyn, Travis and Amber were offered a ride to the hospital by someone passing by.

Jaden Mattila was cleared and released shortly after arrival. Rachel, however, was transported to Bryan LGH Medical Center West in Lincoln. She was treated and admitted to a room overnight. Heidi Mattila and the rest of the family were escorted by a police officer to a local hotel, according to the Caring Bridge web site.

The entire Mattila family, including Rachel Matilla, got to see Colin in Denver on Wednesday.

“Everyone was so excited to see him so alert. He was lifting his arms and leg us, giving thumbs up, shaking our hands and waving to us,” according to the March 22 family journal on the web site.

“It is so encouraging to see progress. His swelling is gone and he looks a lot more like himself. They also removed the staples on his chest today from his heart surgery,” according to the March 21 journal account.

You can help Colin Mattila and his family

An account has been set up at the State Bank of Cokato to defray medical and other expenses for the Mattila family.

Also, Matilla is in Denver Health, 777 Bannock St., Denver, CO 80204, (303) 436-6000.

In addition, there is a connection to the journal of the Mattila family at the Caring Bridge web site at www.caringbridge.org.

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