HJ/EDMay 15, 2006

LP pool having trouble finding staff

By Liz Hellmann
Staff Writer

Lester Prairie council is doing all it can to keep summer classes at the city pool afloat, but a bleak reality is sinking in fast.

“I don’t recall being in this much of a hurt before,” City Clerk Marilyn Pawelk said at the Lester Prairie City Council meeting last Monday.

Pawelk is referring to the lack of employees the city has been able to find to staff the pool for this summer.

None of the three class instructors from last year are returning this year.

So far, the city has been able to hire five full-time lifeguards, and only one of them is an instructor.

All of the manager and assistant manager positions have yet to be filled.

“I have to get staff on board, clothes ordered, and the class schedule to the school before it’s out for the summer,” Pawelk said.

If the city can’t find more staff, then some programs are going to have to be cut.

It will depend on how many classes the one instructor can take on in a summer, and where there is the most interest.

“If there are four kids signed up for one class, and 10 signed up for another, then the 10 will get it,” Pawelk said.

The city is hoping it won’t come to that, but it all depends on the availability of employees.

The council approved Pawelk and City Council Art Mallak to fill the open spots as best they could.

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