HJ/EDMay 15, 2006

Sheriff candidate Rehmann vows to increase community involvement

By Dave Cox
Staff Writer

Increasing the department’s community involvement, enhancing teamwork, and working with families are the primary goals of McLeod County Sheriff candidate Scott Rehmann.

“The county is changing. I would like to find new ways to work with the cities in McLeod County to make the department more relevant,” Rehmann said.

He also said that he would like to work with families and guide them to resources to help them deal with issues such as drugs, alcohol, and gang violence.

Even in cases where law enforcement officials cannot provide resources to families directly, they should be able to give people information and direct them to resources to get them the help they need, Rehmann commented.

He said his experience, which includes 12 years working as a chemical dependency counselor with at-risk youth, and nine years in law enforcement, make him a good candidate for the position.

Prevention is an important part of Rehmann’s philosophy, and he stressed the importance of providing positive role models and working with children at an early age to help them avoid getting into trouble later in life.

To accomplish this, Rehmann said it is necessary to maximize contact between patrol officers and the public, through such means as educational programs in the schools, and involvement in community events.

Rehmann said his goal would be to build relationships between churches, schools and law enforcement.

Rehmann mentioned his background playing team sports and working as a firearms trainer for McLeod County, and said his experience would help him to offer a leadership style that would promote teamwork and embrace the connection between local and county law enforcement.

Rehmann said he would like to maintain the integrity and dedication of the McLeod County Sheriff’s Department, and create new ways for the department to serve a diverse and changing community.

About Rehmann

Rehmann is a native of Winsted, where he currently lives with his wife, Katie, and their four children, Josiah, Isabel, Elias, and Alison.

Rehmann is a graduate of Holy Trinity High School.

He earned a bachelor of arts degree from Metropolitan State University, an associate degree in law enforcement from Ridgewater College, and an associate degree in chemical dependency counseling from Minneapolis Community College.

Rehmann was employed for two years as a chemical dependency counselor at Omegon in Hopkins, and 10 years at the Village Ranch group home in Cokato.

Rehmann worked for two years as a deputy sheriff in Cheyenne, Wyo.

He worked a police officer in Winsted from 2000 to 2003, and has been a police officer in Glencoe since 2003.

Rehmann has been employed as a part-time deputy sheriff for the McLeod County Sheriff’s Office for the past five years.

He has worked as a certified school resource officer for the Glencoe-Silver Lake School District, teaching a drug, alcohol, and violence prevention program (Counter Act) to fifth grade students, and has led the Glencoe Police Explorers program.

He has trained law enforcement personnel as an NRA certified law enforcement firearms instructor, and has been an active member of the Glencoe emergency response team.

Rehmann is a member of the Harvest Community Church in Winsted, and served as the chaplain for the local chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police, Crow River Lodge 15.

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