HJ/EDMarch 27, 2006

Sediment in Dassel water line a mystery

By Roz Kohls
Staff Writer

Disgusting-looking sediment is getting into some Dassel residents’ water line.

City Council Member Bob Wilde showed the city council some sealed plastic bags containing a three-month old water filter that was saturated with a thick, caramel colored liquid at last Monday’s city council meeting.

Mayor Ava Flachmeyer called the rusty sediment-soaked filter “nasty.”

The filter and a rust-stained work shirt came from the home of Tony and Lena Marelic at the corner of Pacific Avenue and Second Street. Wilde said Lena Marelic has complained about this problem with the water lines several times.

Council Member Bob Lalone expressed shock at how full of rust the filter was after only three months of use. He said his filter is relatively white after six months. This was the first he had heard of the Marelics’ problem, he said.

Wilde and city workers are puzzled how the sediment is getting into the Marelics’ water. The Marelics live next to the railroad tracks. The water lines to a water tower that used to be there have been capped, so city officials are sure that’s not the source. Possibly, there is an old well near the railroad tracks and the water line between the old well and the Marelics’ home is still open, Wilde suggested.

Myles McGrath, city administrator, said filter manufacturers advertise that their products last six months, but that it is common for homes in Minnesota to get only three months use out of them.

The council is directing public works director Dave Scepaniak to investigate the water lines leading to the Marelic home further.

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