HJ/EDMarch 27, 2006

Maple Lake family takes over Cokato video/tanning store

By Roz Kohls
Staff Writer

Cokato Video and Tanning, not only has new owners, but also will be getting a new look.

Previously, the store and salon was called Cokato Video Bug and Tanning and owned by Denise and Scott Gertje-Jenson of Waverly.

The new owners are Cindy and Dave Korbel of Maple Lake. The entire family, Lindsey, 17, and even Cody, 12, will be helping out in the store, which rents videos and has two tanning beds, Cindy Korbel said on Thursday.

Korbel had been working in a convenience store in Hanover but preferred working with customers in Cokato, likes movies and the tanning process, she said.

“The people from Cokato have greeted me nicely,” Korbel said.

Denise Gertje-Jenson is her sister-in-law. She wanted to work full time with her husband at CCC Carpentry Contractors Corp. of Waverly with her husband, Scott, so she sold the store to the Korbel family, Korbel said.

Dave Korbel, and their son, Travis, 20, also work at CCC Carpentry.

The Korbels will make several changes to the business in the next two months. A new counter will be built. Instead of having three entrances, with one blocked by shelving as it is now, the store will have only one entrance. The door farthest to the east on the store, located in Tower Mall, will be the only entrance and exit for customers, Korbel said.

Customers will select their videos, take their selections to a counter to get the actual videotape or compact disk, and then pass through a turnstile at the cash register, before they exit the store, she said.

The tanning salon also will have some changes. A third tanning bed will be added and shelves holding towels and goggles will be installed nearby so customers can access them there instead of at the front counter, Korbel said.

“It’s pretty much family owned,” Korbel said.

The Korbels will continue to work at CCC Carpentry as well as operate their 40-acre hobby farm near Maple Lake, and care for their horses, dogs, cats and chickens, she said.

“It keeps us busy,” Korbel said.

Korbel has noticed people from the Cokato area prefer family oriented movies. “Wedding Crashers,” a comedy, and “Walk the Line,” a movie about country singer Johnny Cash, have been especially popular, Korbel said.

Most of the customers using the tanning beds have been people going on vacation. As the prom season approaches, Korbel expects more high school students to be using the tanning salon, she said.

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