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June 18, 2007

X and Y chromosomes

“Girls are like spaghetti, guys are like waffles.”

No, this analogy isn’t referring to the physical shapes of men and women, it’s about their brains.

Like a waffle, men put their thoughts in compartments.

Whether they are working on a car, eating, or watching TV, the activity they are involved in is all they are focused on.

Men have one-track minds.

There are no doubts that the number of compartments in a man’s brain are ever expanding, however.

I can almost guarantee that the compartments will never blend together.

Women, on the other hand, like spaghetti, are flexible and various in their thoughts.

We can be talking on the phone about Mildred’s relationship drama, watching Grey’s Anatomy, painting our nails, and reading an article about the “right way to kiss” in Seventeen magazine, all at the same time.

Our brains our great at multi-tasking and thinking outside the box.

Maybe that’s why girls ask so many questions.

The thing is, though, when we are talking about Mildred’s relationship troubles, and then we suddenly start talking about why McDreamy and Meredith are fighting on Grey’s Anatomy, our boy on the other end of the line is confused out of his waffle shaped mind.

I will admit that girls may go off on several tangents for every story that they are trying to tell, and that may make it somewhat difficult for boys to follow.

Aside from the amount of information that the different sexes can hold in their brains, there are many more differences between males and females.

I read a book called “The Truth About Guys” a while back that tried to explain to girls, from a guy’s perspective, why guys act the way that they do.

Apparently there is a reason for why they are the way they are, but I have yet to fully understand it.

Anyway, in this book, it talks about how girls tend to say “I feel” and guys say “I think.”

Girls feel things. We have more intense emotions, and they are all around . . . like spaghetti!

One time I asked a guy “And how do you feel about that?”

He responded, “I think it’s great.”

The stereotypical guy is scared to show emotions in fear of being labeled a certain way, so he “thinks” instead of feels.

It’s not that guys don’t have feelings, they, for some reason (probably society) tend to keep their emotions inside more.

It has been proven that women say around 20,000 words a day, whereas men, around 7,000.

This must somehow prove that there are some genuine feelings being spoken of in this grand number of words . . . or just that women talk a lot.

Another difference between guys and girls is the way we notice things.

When we shop, women look for the little details, like how this shirt would go really well with this pair of pants, or how this fabric matches our great grandma’s old couch.

Men, however, don’t notice these types of things.

When they shop, it’s get in, “hunt” for what they need, and get out in the quickest manner possible.

If they notice anything, it’s the quality of what they are buying and the price.

Differences between males and females are definitely not a bad thing.

In fact, the differences are what make men and women compatible in friendships, relationships, and marriages.

Because we are so incredibly different, men and women can learn from each other.

Men can teach us how to change tires and what a ratchet is.

We women can teach the guys how to calm down when they’re angry, how to bake a cake without burning the house down, where to find the best deals on designer clothes, and how to eat without looking like you grew up in the stone ages.

Obviously, guys have a lot to learn, but that’s okay, because that is what women are for.