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July 2, 2007

The search for a new host continues

By Jesse Menden

Tuesdays are typically a bit of a drag for me.

Usually, it is my first day of the work week, so Tuesdays really feel like Mondays.

Not to mention, I have to get up and drag myself to a weekly meeting early in the morning.

Last week, while battling a case of the Tuesdays just 10 minutes after sitting in front of the computer, I heard a piece of news that melted those blues away: Rosie O’Donnell was not going to be the next host of “The Price is Right.”

As a faithful watcher of the program, who used to pretend he was Bob Barker as a kid and scheduled college classes around the game show so he could watch it during the week, it was the best news I heard in a long while.

When I first heard that she was interested in hosting the show, and the producers were actually meeting with her, I thought it was a joke.

Her personality-type is not what the show needs. Bob made TPIR a hit by letting the contestants and the games be the show. I have a feeling O’Donnell would not do that.

She would take away from the classic games such as Cliff Hangers, Lucky Seven, Golden Road, Dice Game, Range Game, and Ten Chances.

So who should be the one that has the impossible task to fill Bob’s shoes?

I don’t really have an answer myself, and the list of possibilities is seemingly endless.

But it should be somebody who will not grab the spotlight, but save it for entertaining contestants.

Also, it has to be a person that can give inspiration to Hole In One . . . Or Two contestants through a putt.

The new host has to be able to recognize if a guess is higher or lower than the actual price with extreme quickness in the Clock Game.

One thing is for sure, he or she must have a little casino experience in them. The host needs to know some poker for the Poker Game, how to move shells around for the Shell Game, and card values for the Card Game.

Along with some gaming intelligence, the host should have a good rapport with everyone from senior citizens wanting to win a large camper, to college students who are looking for some cash or a futon.

The new host has to know when to give a contestant a hard time, like when they use the number combination 3-8-9 and guess $89 for a blender in Ten Chances.

Also, the host must know how to build suspense, like when a contestant found the $10,000 slip in Punch Out.

When it comes down to it, there isn’t anyone who will be able to do some of the things listed above, much less do it all, and do it all like Barker did.

I am just glad O’Donnell is out of the running. And come to think of it, I know who would be great for the position . . . me.

TPIR producers: I have been studying for the position since I was born. I know all of the games up and down, and I know how to putt. I made two putts of over 30 feet in my last round. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I work cheap. Give me a call, please.