Howard Lake antique store closes its doors one final time

October 6, 2008

By Jennifer Gallus
Staff Writer

HOWARD LAKE, MN - “It’s a shame. I think it’s a real loss to the community,” said Cherill Lindquist as she packed up the items her husband had for sale at Old Town Gallery in Howard Lake.

Another sign of the poor economy, the antique store closed its doors for the last time to customers Tuesday.

“I think it was a real asset to the community,” Lindquist said of the store. “I’m going to miss the friends we’ve made out here,” she added.

Lindquist is from Richfield, and said she and her husband would come to Old Town Gallery about once per month to visit and bring more antiques to put up for sale.

They plan to donate most of the items they had for sale to a store that gives to the Frasier School in the Twin Cities. Some books, however, will be kept and sold at a different antique store, Lindquist explained.

“Highway 12 used to be a journey antique lovers would take,” said Old Town Gallery owner Don Dolezal. “Lots of people drove for miles just to come here.”

Dealers who sold antiques at Old Town Gallery are now going to try their luck at other area antique stores such as the Treasure Shed in Hutchinson, Maple Lake Antiques, This N’ That in Buffalo, and Barn Chicks in Buffalo.

“I wish all our dealers success at their new locations,” Dolezal said. “And I thank everyone who patronized our store,” he added.

A morning ladies coffee group used to meet at the antique store, and an afternoon men’s group, as well.

“As of yesterday (Sept. 29), the ladies didn’t know where they were going to go,” Lindquist said.

“I guess all good things come to an end,” she added.

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