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Leaving a lasting legacy

Feb. 16, 2009

By Lynda Jensen

HOWARD LAKE, WAVERLY, WINSTED, MN – “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.”
From a headstone in Ireland

Grief may be a strong emotion, but for many families in the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted School District, it isn’t stronger than honor and remembrance.

Remembrance is one of many reasons that there are no less than 40 scholarships available to seniors this year at HLWW, worth a grand total of $26,000 – with several of them being memorial scholarships to honor the death of a loved one.

For example, in the fall of 1982, a beloved secretary at Humphrey Elementary, Phyllis Main, died of cancer.

Children and parents who knew her at the time were devastated over her death, but instead of allowing the story to end there, they decided to conduct a fundraiser to establish a memorial scholarship in her name.

This is exactly what they did, with fifth graders dispersing into the community, and successfully selling thousands of dollars in spice, as well as candy.

They managed to raise $6,000, which was enough seed money to establish the scholarship in Main’s honor, given every year, commented Curt Levang, former HLWW principal and financial advisor.

Another example is the Chris Adickes Memorial, which is named in honor of an HLWW graduate who died in 1989, as the result of a viral heart infection. The money for this scholarship was the result of candy sales.

The Racette/Nygaard/Muonio Scholarship is meant to honor three people – Keith Racette, who died in 1987 of cancer; Lauren Nygaard, a kindergarten student who passed away while sledding; and Daniel Muonio, who died in 1988 while biking.

The scholarship is designed to encourage a graduate who intends to pursue a career in elementary education or some area of special education.

Brad Barth and Sonny Seiffert both died in car accidents, and are remembered each year as they share a scholarship together, Levang noted. These may be split into two different scholarships in the future.

In fact, the subject of scholarships has kept teacher Charlie Bush and his students busy over the years, as they have tracked the stories of each scholarship over time.

A summary of each scholarship follows (the approximate amount is in parentheses, but many amounts depend on how well the funds did financially that year, and will vary year-to-year):

• Rekedal Award ($100) – the first-ever scholarship given to Howard Lake students, was established in 1967 in memory of Brian Rekedal.

This award is available to any senior who is friendly to his or her classmates in band, choir, and athletics. The scholarship amount is a check given out by his family every year.

• Madey Kleve Memorial – this scholarship will be offered for the first time this year, in honor of the late Madey Kleve, who died in a car accident in May 2008.

• Steven Heber Memorial ($500) – this memorial was created in 1989 in memory of an HLWW student, Steven Heber, son of Jane and Bob Heber.

Steven was killed in a three-wheeler accident when he was in ninth grade. Kirby Klingelhofer, former science teacher, together with Steven’s classmates, organized the scholarship by selling candy and spices. The class raised enough money to invest and award the dividend from the investment as a scholarship.

The scholarship recognizes a senior who is a friend to all students, since that is how Steven was considered to be. A committee of teachers makes a recommendation as to whom gets this award, but the family of Steven Heber has the final say.

• Chris Adickes Memorial ($400) – was established in 1990 by friends and family members of Chris Adickes, who died from a viral heart infection a year after he graduated.

This scholarship is for people who are going into the math or science field. To qualify for this scholarship, students must write an application stating their goals, and be respected by their teachers and peers. They must also do well academically in math and science areas and must plan on attending a two-or four-year college.

• Robbie Hickman Memorial ($600) – established in 2001 by the Hickman family to remember Robbie, who died unexpectedly in a crash. It is annually awarded to a student who is going into construction, heavy equipment or the trades.

• Brad Barth/Sonny Seiffert Memorial – this scholarship honors the memory of two students who died in separate car accidents.

• Jodi Rae Schmieg Memorial is in memory of a student who was killed in a car accident the summer following her graduation, and is given to seniors who plan to pursue a career in law enforcement or the medical field.

• Phyllis Main Memorial, named for a longtime secretary at the elementary in Waverly for many years; first awarded in 1984. Phyllis Main passed away during the 1982-83 school year.

• Racette/Nygaard/Muonio Scholarship ($500 each) – was established by family, friends and teachers. Those awarded this scholarship must be interested in elementary education or some area of special education. There are three scholarships of $500 each.

• Shaffer Family Memorial – established by the Shaffer family for a senior who plans to attend a two-year or four-year college.

• Patricia (Jung) Gilmer/Julie (Gilmer) Holtz ($250) – established in memory of Patricia Gilmer and her daughter, Julie Holtz. The scholarship is awarded to two students who were active in drama or fine arts ($250 each).

• Jodi Alan Diedrich Memorial ($300) – was established four years ago in memory of Jodi Diedrich, who died from an infection. He was the son of Paul and Donna Diedrich of Howard Lake. The scholarship is given to any senior who is going into a field directly helping people.

• Al LePage School Spirit ($800) – to honor a former assistant principal at HLWW, Al LePage.

• Steven Streich Memorial (amount varies) – this was established in 2001, by Mary Streich, wife of Steve, and Judy Gagnon, sister of Steve, who started the scholarship in his memory.

The qualifications pertain to a student who is active in sports and involved in agriculture.

Teachers Chad Gagnon, Brian Barth, Paul Fobbe, and Jim Weninger choose the graduate who will receive the scholarship.

• Timber Dahlberg Conservation – was set up by his wife, Ella May, for a senior interested in conservation, biology, or research, in memory of the late Timber Dahlberg, Minnesota baseball hall-of-famer and active outdoorsman.

• Van Oss Business Owner ($500) – awarded to students who aspire to the field of small business, and was established by Pat and Molly Van Oss in 1999, who are former owners of the Old Town Gallery.

• Citizens State Bank of Waverly and Montrose – given to a senior who has been accepted at a four-year college or vocational school, and ranks in the top 20 percent of his or her class academically.

• Howard Lake Lions Scholarship Awards (three awards of $1,000 each) – started in 1984, for students who live in the Howard Lake area.

The qualifications for receiving the award are based on financial need, scholastic achievement, and moral standards of personal conduct in and out of school. There are three of $1,000 each.

• Waverly Lions Scholarships – given to seniors who show scholastic achievement and financial need.

• Montrose-Waverly Chamber of Commerce – given out by the chamber for seniors who show scholastic achievement and financial need.

• Masonic Lodge – a scholarship that was established by former Masonic members, including former Supt. Fred Nus, when the lodge was dissolved in Howard Lake. It was started by seed money from the Masonic property that is where the modern day library is located.

• Knights of Columbus – for seniors who are involved in church, community, and volunteer work.

• The Rena, Eric and Garrett Duske Commemorative Scholarship – established in 2002 by Cliff and Wendy Duske (Rena, Eric, and Garrett’s parents). Cliff and Wendy started the scholarship because they saw how helpful a scholarship was to their children and wanted to give something back to the community for giving their children a great education.

Seniors awarded this scholarship have a background in athletics and farming, great peer and adult relationships, high moral standards, and tries hard academically. This scholarship is awarded to one male and one female.

• Rislund Memorial ($500) is awarded by Howard Lake Waverly Winsted Education Association (teachers) to honor the memory of teacher Richard Rislund, who along with his wife and young son, were killed in an automobile accident during Thanksgiving break in 1970. His 6-year old daughter survived the accident.

It is awarded to a student who displays leadership in the classroom, and academic area.

• Letterclub ($200) – is one of the earliest scholarships at HLWW. The scholarship is to honor athletes. The person receiving the scholarship has to letter during his or her senior year. The scholarship is worth $200, given to one boy and one girl, but if there is enough money, it is award to two boys and two girls.

• FFA Alumni ($100 to $200) – this was started by FFA alumni in 2003.

• HLWW Agricultural Endowment – this was started by Weninger in 2005, when he saw the need for helping students pursuing a degree in agriculture.

• Omar and Verna Glessing Agricultural, Fine Arts, and Athletic Scholarships (three of $1,000 each) – started by the Glessings, who wished to give back to the community and be remembered. Each scholarship requires the student to be involved in the respective subject.

• Waverly American Legion Auxiliary ($100) has been awarded for 20 years. Education is a priority for this award.

• Winsted American Legion ($200) – was first awarded in 2003, and pertains to a student going into military.

• Howard Lake American Legion and the Sons of the American Legion #145 are given based on patriotic criteria every year.

• Howard Lake American Legion Auxiliary – this scholarship was established 10 years ago and is awarded to someone who helps volunteer in the community. Applicants must submit an essay on patriotic views. The Legion ladies review the entries and decide which is best.

• Wright-Hennepin Electric Scholarship, started in 1987. To be eligible for this scholarship students must submit three things: proof of local residence, the number of hours and type of community service, and future goals as written in an essay of 150-200 words.

• Ridgeview Medical Center Foundation, for those interested in health care.

• Buffalo Hospital Health Careers, for those interested in health care.

It’s not just for remembrances
Scholarships can be established by anyone who wishes to give back to the community by giving a young person the boost they may need for college. To do this, contact a financial advisor.


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