When truth ceases to matter
Feb. 29, 2016
by Ivan Raconteur

The election is still months away, but I am already exhausted.

It seems that we, as citizens, should be excited about the election process, but I don’t see much about which I can get excited.

There was a time when there was at least the illusion that the voices of the people would be heard during an election. It seems perhaps that is no longer the case.

We are hearing something, but it has nothing to do with respectful debate or the thoughtful exchange of views.

The candidates, especially at the national level, seem so out of touch with reality they could easily be from another planet.

More disturbing is the fact that there is not even a pretense of honesty or integrity in politics.

Candidates make up their own “facts” and flat out lie so much of the time, it’s no wonder they’re confused.

And there are no consequences. Many of the sheep out there don’t seem to care if a candidate lies most of the time, as long as the candidate says what they want to hear. It’s bizarre.

There is an old joke that asks “How can you tell when a politician is lying?” The answer is, “Because his lips are moving.”

That isn’t even a joke anymore, it is the sad reality.

People don’t seem to want or even care about facts. They are satisfied with propaganda, and they are getting their wish.

The sheer volume of it is overwhelming.

Even though it is only February, I have been receiving political e-mail messages at a rate of about one every seven and a half minutes.

There was a time when, during the lead-up to a presidential election, I felt like people were depositing manure (that’s the most polite word I could think of for my view of political propaganda) into my personal space by the shovelful.

Today, it feels like they are dumping it in great dirty truckloads, and there is no escape.

We can’t turn on a TV, radio, computer, or even a phone without being assaulted by political noise.

I am at risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome from repeatedly hammering the delete key on my keyboard to exercise the offending messages, but still they come.

I’m reasonably confident a candidate could state publicly that the world is flat or the sun comes up in the west, and he would find plenty of supporters as long as he blamed the world’s problems (or perceived problems) on his political rivals.

Because of this constant assault of misinformation, I think a lot of people who used to care have thrown in the towel, and all they want now is for it to stop.

For decades, wise men and women have predicted that our downfall will come not from an absence of truth or from a lack of information, but from an abundance of information so great it becomes difficult to distinguish the truth from the lies.

When that happens, apathy takes over, and the forces of evil have free reign to do what they wish.

As I contemplate the long, dirty moths ahead, I can’t help wondering if that point hasn’t already arrived.

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