Keeping in touch with the creatures
Aug. 22, 2016
by Ivan Raconteur

Sometimes, when people are separated from their animal companions, both parties can experience separation anxiety.

Fortunately, there is a new device that can help eliminate this stressful situation.

PetChatz HD is a two-way videophone that allows pet owners to interact with their furry friends even when they cannot be at home.

In the past, there were pet monitoring cameras, and even pet treat dispensers. Now, there are interactive devices that can do it all.

The PetChatz device is mounted to the wall over an electrical outlet, eliminating the need for dangerous cords.

Humans can connect to the device using their smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Pet owners can now have stimulating video conversations with their animal companions no matter where they are.

Owners can also dispense goodies (PetChatz Treatz) to their pets directly from the device.

To make the conversation even more personal, owners can dispense a soothing fragrance (PetChatz Scentz) from the device.

We live in a wonderful age. Some human-animal exchanges are one-sided, but not PetChatz.

Owners can add an optional PawCall button that allows pets to initiate the videophone conversation.

Imagine sitting in a boring meeting when suddenly the face of your favorite feline or top dog calls to check on you.

Maybe your beagle is feeling blue and just wants to hear your voice and see your smiling face.

It could even improve safety and security around the home.

If a pet tips over and can’t get up, he could call his owner for help.

If a pet notices a prowler trying to gain access to the old domicile, he could call the owner and ask him to summon the cavalry.

Naturally, training is available for both humans and animals.

PetChatz is not the only interactive system on the market, but it is a comprehensive example of the options that are available.

In order to preserve these precious moments, the PetChatz device makes it possible for owners to record and share videos of their pets. It’s not clear if pets are able to record and share videos of their humans, but it wouldn’t surprise me if this were the case.

It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when technology fills such a pressing need in our society.

However, I probably will not go out and spend the money for a PetChatz system ($379.99 plus add-ons).

I’m not doing much traveling these days, and I can wait to get home to see my feline friends. They seem to nap most of the day anyway, and might not want to be bothered by video calls from me.

It would, however, have been nice to have a PetChatz system the other day when I locked myself out of the house.

I could have called the cats and asked them to open the door and let me in.

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