Commercials that cause me not to buy
April 3, 2017
by Ivan Raconteur

I’m starting to think there is some sort of sliding scale for selling television advertising.

I don’t watch a lot of television, but it seems every time I switch on the TV, I am assaulted by the same irritating commercials.

That’s what leads me to think that the more annoying an ad is, the lower the price the advertisers must charge.

In this way, the worst ads get the most airtime. That’s how it appears, anyway,

There are a few rare ads that are actually clever or entertaining, but those ads come up far less often than the offensive ones.

When I am at home, I sometimes have the television on as background noise while I am doing other things.

The disadvantage of this is that if I am not near the remote control, I can’t mute the commercials when they come on.

I must not be in the target market for most of the ads on television, because I find most of them so offensive I would never buy the product advertised even if it might be something I need.

It is disturbing to think of the people who are the targets of these ads.

They seem to be geared toward people with an IQ somewhere below 70.

People in television ads are not shown in their best light, and seem to be flummoxed by the simplest household task.

Whether it be finding a lid for a plastic container or cleaning their shower, these people seem completely unable to cope with the situation.

They are bewildered by complex tasks such as opening a jar or sweeping a floor.

Not only are the people in television commercials portrayed as mentally incompetent, but they are physically challenged, as well.

If one were to judge by the commercials, one would assume than no one over the age of 55 can get through the day without tipping over and lying helpless on the floor like a tipped turtle until someone comes to rescue him.

What’s more, we would assume that no one with grey hair can get out of a chair or negotiate a flight of stairs without mechanical assistance.

Some commercials are just so vulgar or obnoxious they make me want to hurl my television out the nearest window.

Commercials are not without value, though. They may not convince me to buy anything, but they make it very easy to decide which companies I am not going to do business with.

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