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Sharing random acts of kindness is fun
March 2, 2018


You may or may not have noticed that this newspaper has featured a few “Random Acts of Kindness” entries over the past three months or so. If you haven’t noticed, you certainly will this week, with seven entries next to this column.

I need to be upfront about a couple things.

In this case, I solicited the Random Acts of Kindness entries on social media.

I did so for a couple reasons. For one, there is so much negativity, name calling, and fake news floating around out there. (See Ivan’s column below for more opinions on this.) So, instead of engaging in debate about all the hot-button topics of the day, I figured now would be a good time to seek out some positivity.

Secondly, all the recent snow set the perfect stage for random acts of kindness to take place. I knew for a fact that neighbors, friends, and strangers would be out in force helping their neighbors dig out. My suspicions were proven correct, and I was not surprised.

My social media post garnered 105 reactions and 15 comments.

“Nice idea – great way to focus on the positives,” one commenter wrote.

“Absolutely love this!! The television news is so violent and depressing. We need inspiration!” another commenter wrote.

Some people seemed to give me credit for the idea, so I have to set the record straight.

Chris Brazelton reached out to me after seeing a similar feature in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“As a reader, I would love to read and be inspired by such stories,” Chris told me.

I agreed that sharing random acts of kindness would be inspirational. However, I was afraid that the idea might not be approved because of space constraints. I was incredibly pleased when the idea was not only green-lighted, but put into place within about two weeks.

After initially launching and announcing the feature, we received a few entries. I also saw posts on social media that would qualify as random acts of kindness, so I reached out to those individuals for inclusion in the paper.

I must say, it’s been very fun to share these shining moments of helpfulness and positivity. It brings a smile to my face every time I read a new recollection of a random act of kindness, or a string of them, which is sometimes the case.

It would be great to continue reading and sharing these examples of neighborly behavior on a regular basis.

After the snow melts and winter is a distant memory, I know the random acts of kindness won’t fade away. Please send them to me at glicht@heraldjournal.com; send me snail mail at PO Box 498, Delano; or stop by our office at 701 Babcock Blvd. (behind Napa).

I look forward to hearing from you, and I believe others in the community do, too.

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