Still a good message
March 23, 2018
by Ivan Raconteur

I awoke on a recent morning with that old song, “Accentuate the Positive” in my head – the Bing Crosby version, not the Johnny Mercer one.

I’m not sure what I had been dreaming about to cause me to wake up in that manner.

Perhaps I just needed a break from all the negative news.

It seems every time I turn on the TV or fire up my computer these days, I am confronted with stories about innocent people getting gunned down, blown up, or mistreated in some way.

In addition to this, it seems many of the people we have elected to represent us are bent on using their offices to exploit taxpayers for their own gain.

There was a time I was naive enough to believe that most people in most situations were basically honest. Now, it seems we have scraped up from the bottom of the pond a collection of scoundrels who will lie to one’s face without any feeling of remorse or embarrassment, and they are the ones running the show.

Honest men in Washington are as rare as Amish NASCAR drivers.

Sometimes I feel I am being crushed under all the negativity.

When this goes on for an extended period, perhaps it’s natural to want to escape.

It is significant that “Accentuate the Positive” was written during the dark days of World War II, when a lot of people were likely wondering if the world had gone mad.

In order to cope with overwhelming situations like this, people may seek out some healthy escapism, or they can, as the song suggests, make a conscious effort to find the good in the world around them.

This doesn’t mean putting our heads in the sand or denying the existence of trouble.

It simply means finding positive things and giving them a more prominent place in our lives.

I believe it’s about balance.

We are faced with some serious issues that need to be addressed.

The old adage “united we stand, divided we fall” still holds true today, and we better figure out a way to work together to fix the problems in front of us.

Rather than allowing challenges to defeat us, however, we should remember there is good in the world, too.

There are individuals doing wonderful, creative things who have not allowed themselves to become jaded. Through art or music they add beauty to a sometimes ugly world.

There are people who have made their own lives better by reaching out and finding ways to help those around them.

Sometimes, all it takes is a goofy old song to remind us that accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative can help us navigate through the doom and gloom, and perhaps even find a glimmer of hope for the future.

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