Swimming in satiation
March 15, 2019
by Ivan Raconteur

There’s a line between not having enough and having too much, and I think we floated across that line this week.

A certain amount of water is not only good, but essential. We can’t live without water.

In the spring, the melting snow and the gentle April showers help to cleanse the land and prepare it for another season of vigorous growth.

This year, we have been blessed with an abundance of snow. Some might say we have more than enough.

In addition to that, we don’t have to wait for April showers. We’re getting them well ahead of schedule.

Unfortunately, this combination is already causing some concerns.

When water can’t follow its normal course, it finds the path of least resistance.

In some cases that path leads into our homes or other buildings.

This week, as the result of a substantial ice dam on my roof, a new and unexpected water feature has emerged in my lounge.

I like waterfalls. I even like those artificial waterfalls they have in fancy buildings. They produce a soothing sound and hydrate the air.

It’s not nearly so soothing when the waterfall is in a place that was not designed for a waterfall, such as the window in my lounge.

Droughts are bad. We wouldn’t want to be in a drought.

They wreak havoc with crops and increase the danger of grass fires.

On the plus side, I suspect the fire danger is quite low this week. On the other hand, the number of roofs collapsing under the weight of all that snow is well above par.

The frightening part is that this is just the beginning. The experts who know about these things are already predicting major flooding.

Floods and droughts are both bad, albeit in very different ways.

It seems to me happiness can be found somewhere near the line between too much and not enough.

It’s OK to have a bit less than enough sometimes.

Scarcity helps us appreciate the times when we do have enough.

It’s OK to have a bit too much once in a while, as well. Indulging in more of a good meal than we need, or perhaps having one beaker too many of good wine (provided we are not driving or operating heavy machinery) can help us establish boundaries and remind us to exercise more self-control the rest of the time.

Variety may be the spice of life, but there seems to be a comfort zone somewhere in the middle between the extremes.

I don’t like to complain, and I’m thankful for all the wonderful moisture we’re getting this year.

I just wish we could spread it out and not get it all at once.

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