Still above water
July 12, 2019
by Ivan Raconteur

It may not be productive to compare our situation with that of others, but after listening to my sump pump run constantly for hours on end, I can’t help but think about those in other parts of our state and across the country who are experiencing significant flooding.

The videos we see online and on TV only tell part of the story.

Flooding can damage roads and other public infrastructure, as well as residences, farms, businesses, and equipment.

This initial damage and destruction is often obvious, but in some cases, this is only the beginning.

When the floodwaters recede, the broader damage is revealed.

Flooding can destroy documents, photos, and other personal property.

Furniture and equipment may need to be replaced.

In severe cases, flooding can affect the structure of a residence or building, requiring extensive repairs and remediation.

People and animals can be displaced, and may need to find temporary lodging until they can return to their homes.

Some housing options may not allow pets, so those affected may have to board their pets elsewhere, resulting in added stress for people and animals.

People might be out of their homes for an extended period, because in the case of widespread flooding, its likely every contractor in the region will be booked with all the work they can handle.

In the worst cases, it can take years to restore infrastructure that is damaged.

So, even though we may be tired of the rain, and we might think we have all the moisture we need, things could be worse.

We could be in a position like those in some communities that have unexpectedly acquired beachfront property in a flash.

People in those communities may be frantically searching for YouTube videos on how to build an ark, and, in the circumstances, one can hardly blame them.

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