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A school play changed the course of his life
Jan. 4, 2019

Steven Young

LESTER PRAIRIE, MN – Alan Holasek of Lester Prairie is no stranger to memorization.

Growing up, Holasek loved watching videos and films so much that it helped strengthen his memorization skills, to effortlessly recite and quote any line from his favorites.

This skill proved to be beneficial for him as he entered the world of acting.

In the past few years, Holasek has become a character actor, not only in film and television, but theatre, as well.

However, acting wasn’t his first choice for his path to success.

As a sophomore in high school, Holasek aspired to become a basketball player. He worked and trained as hard as he could to stand out, but one day, he ended up getting cut from the team.

This event left him devastated and unsure of what to do with his future for a while.

However, upon hearing of the school hosting auditions for an upcoming production of the musical, “Seussical,” he decided to give it a shot. To his delight, he was cast as the mayor of Whoville. As his mother, Jane Holasek, put it, “It changed the course of his life,” from that moment forward.

Holasesk started doing theatre regularly, and was cast in several plays.

After high school, he went to Concordia University in St. Paul, and was intensely committed to the craft of acting.

Jane told a story of how he would carpool with his fellow students from the Metro, all the way to St. Cloud’s Pioneer Place Theatre every day, for rehearsals and three weekends of performances of “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

While the amount of time and effort was certainly not a walk in the park, it paid off and furthered Holasek’s fierce love of acting.

When asked what he preferred when it comes to acting, he answered that he equally enjoys theatre and film acting.

While they are two vastly different worlds in terms of approach, delivery, and expectations, the fact that both allow him to utilize his memorization skills is what he loves the most – acting is acting to him.

Holasek described the differences of acting by paraphrasing a quote by legendary actor Eli Wallach, “Acting in a film is like walking a tightrope on the ground. There’s no fear in messing up, because you can do as many takes as necessary. Acting on stage is like walking on a tightrope in the air with nothing below you. Once you start reciting your lines, you can’t screw up and must recover as soon as possible, or else you and the play itself will fall off that tightrope.”

Holasek has always remained local when it comes to his roles, and is generally cast in bit roles or as a character actor.

He has expressed interest in one day maybe going to Hollywood or New York to further his career in acting, but right now is content with staying local.

He’s appeared in horror movies, short films, and even helped write one of the projects he acted in, a short film called “A Verdant View.”

While not one for the horror genre, Holasek stated that he takes what he can and doesn’t complain about whatever comes his way.

Currently, he is a theatre director at Mayer Lutheran High School and has worked in several productions, including his most recent, “Shrek the Musical.” He’s proud of the students who bring his productions to life.

Holasek’s wife, Emily, shares his love of acting. She is a theater major, as well. Through his support and encouragement, Emily has been able to find success with her theatre experiences. She landed a part in “Mary Poppins” with the Lakeshore Players this coming spring.

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