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Hoernemann to lead LP’s parade as grand marshal
Date. dd, 2019

Kira Karels

LESTER PRAIRIE, MN – This year, you will find Chester Hoernemann, a dedicated Lester Prairie resident and veteran, at the front of the Prairie Days’ parade.

Hoernemann has lived in or around Lester Prairie his entire life. Growing up on a farm south of town, he graduated from Lester Prairie High School in 1957.

Enlisting in the Army National Guard at the young age of 17, he served for 41 years and 10 months to the day. Retiring from the Army Reserve at 60, Hoernemann is a respected veteran and member of the American Legion.

Enjoying the last 36 years with wife, Dianne, he has been active in the community, serving on the city council and the school board.

People may remember him as an early member of the Lester Prairie Business Association, or a former Lester Prairie Lion.

During his 40 years with the American Legion, he served 10 years as commander.

Life has been far from ordinary for Hoernemann.

His work history includes carpenter, excavator, residential remodeling contractor, interior decorator, plumber, and heating and air conditioning contractor.

When doing floor covering work led to severe back problems, he became a college freshman at the age of 54.

After achieving a master’s degree in psychology and counseling, he became licensed as a professional clinical counselor. You can find him at his clinical counseling office in the Glencoe Law Office Building, doing step-by-step behavioral counseling.

Hoernemann is a community builder. Still working at 80 years of age, he stresses the importance of learning at all ages. During his 20 years on the school board, he was in college and graduate school.

Something as simple as joining a community organization allows for continued education. It helps the program, as well as yourself.

“The strength is in numbers,” Hoernemann said, “Our American Legion can always use more veterans as members to better support school programs and amateur sports, like American Legion Baseball, the Safety Patrol, etc.”

It is the sense of belonging that encourages him and many others to help the Lester Prairie community continue to grow and develop.

Having always enjoyed being a part of the community, Hoernemann is sincerely honored to be parade grand marshal in a town he grew up in.

Don’t miss him enjoying a classic Prairie Days hamburger or leading the 6 p.m. parade Saturday, June 22.

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