A change I’d like to see
July 24, 2020
by Ivan Raconteur

There aren’t a lot of perks to getting older. As a matter of fact, I sometimes think life is like one of those video games we used to play in which each successive level became more challenging.

Instead of coasting toward those fictional “golden years” that they tried to con us into believing were real, we find ourselves battling an increasingly daunting collection of challenges, such as getting out of bed in the morning and remembering why we came into a room.

There are, however, a couple of things that have, in my experience, made life easier.

One is experience. If we are lucky enough to cheat the Reaper and remain on this side of the sod, we naturally pick up a few things that help us to adapt to the future.

Because we have seen a lot, we can often predict what is likely to happen in a given set of circumstances.

We may not always be right, but our odds get better as we accumulate more practical experience.

The other benefit of growing older is that we have survived a lot of changes over the years.

As a result, we don’t fear change, and we realize that change can often be a good thing.

This year has shaken things up a bit.

It seems to me that the value of experience has been compromised by the bizarre nature of the year we have been having.

Pretty much every time I have thought, “things can’t possibly get any stranger,” 2020 has proved me wrong and found a new way to shake things up.

I don’t tempt fate by asking that question anymore. I may not know how, but I definitely believe things can get stranger, and we have half of the year to go.

About all I have left is the ability to accept, and even embrace change.

This is important, because things will continue to change, and it is likely to happen quickly.

I figure most of us will survive 2020, one way or another. We’ll have a few more battle scars, some of us, and some of us will have far fewer shekels tucked away in our mattresses for a rainy day, but we’ll get through it.

It seems to me that the journey through this crazy year would be smoother and a whole lot more comfortable if we made an effort to help our brothers and sisters along the way.

Unfortunately, although there are lots of examples of people helping one another and finding ways to lift others up, it seems some people still don’t get it.

There are people who live by divisiveness and thrive on hate, and that’s too bad.

I suspect the rest of this year is going to be tough enough without having to overcome obstacles placed in the road by instruments of evil, but it seems likely we’re going to have to continue to cope with them whether we want to or not.

I hope I’m wrong.

It’s so easy to show someone compassion and tolerance, and it makes such an important difference.

I suppose it’s possible the haters will start to figure that out and begin to practice love instead of the other thing.

We know there are changes ahead. Wouldn’t it be glorious if that were one of them?

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