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All Generations Salon moves to Lester Prairie
Feb. 28, 2020

Linda Euerle

LESTER PRAIRIE, MN – Nikky Guennigsman had been doing hair in Winsted for the last 3.5 years, when an opportunity presented itself recently, and she moved her salon to Lester Prairie.

She opened her new space for business Feb. 3, and is now located at 282 Babcock Ave. #1 in Lester Prairie.

The current property owner of the Winsted location had decided to make some changes to the building that would not be conducive to the workflow of the salon, and staying wasn’t an option, according to Guennigsman.

Guennigsman wasn’t sure how she would tackle this dilemma, when out of the blue, she was put in contact with Amy and Brian Gatz, owners of the Liquor Depot building in Lester Prairie.

The building had a salon in the back that was now open and available. Guennigsman signed the lease Jan. 30, and moved in over the weekend.

Learning the business

Guennigsman has been doing hair for more than 17 years. Her mom said she’s not at all surprised that Nikky went into this business, as she always loved doing hair and makeup.

For 13 years, she was the salon director for Fantastic Sams and Devon Harris salons, traveling between seven locations from Maple Grove to Hutchinson.

After working 70 hours a week for so many years, Guennigsman realized it was time for a change. She listed her priorities – raise her children, do hair and be with people, and get back to making clients her extended family again.

So, Guennigsman joined Sharon Hecksel, of Sharon’s Beauty Salon in Winsted, and a year later bought the business from Hecksel.

Guennigsman jokingly told Hecksel that the only way she would buy the business was if Hecksel would help her name it.

A few days later, Guennigsman was trimming the hair of a 4-month-old, while Hecksel was doing the hair of a woman who was 94 years old at the time.

Guennigsman said to Hecksel, “Boy, we do all generations here!”

Hecksel looked at her and said, “There’s your name!”

The two still do hair side-by-side. Hecksel has a chair at All Generations Salon, as does Amber Earnhart.

In addition to her work at the salon, Guennigsman spends Wednesday mornings doing hair at St Mary’s Care Center in Winsted.

She loves the stories the clients share and the connections she makes there. It’s part of what was missing for her while working in the corporate world.

Guennigsman explained, “They are the ones who made our lives possible,” and then added, “I’m just glad that I get to be one of the people who help them feel good.”

Making the move

It was all-hands-on-deck when Guennigsman got the word that she could move into the new location.

Her husband, Dean, and sons, Easton and Deklan, along with other family members and friends joined to inventory, pack, and move.

Tim and Mary Purcell of Tim Purcell Plumbing and Heating in Winsted addressed some plumbing needs over the weekend.

Guennigsman, Hecksel, and Earnhart went on social media, sent text messages, and made phone calls to let already-scheduled clients know about the move.

The new location has plenty of room, and Guennigsman hopes to add a massage therapist by summer.

All Generations Salon carries hair products, such as Kenra, Loma, Milkshake, Jonny B, and more.

In her spare time, Guennigsman dabbles in jewelry making and picks up unique pieces she finds to offer an eclectic collection of items for sale.

Everything happens for a reason

Guennigsman never expected to move from the location in Winsted. It was her hope to continue the “Sharon’s Salon legacy” forever, but she is excited to be becoming a part of the Lester Prairie community.

“Everyone there has been so welcoming,” Guennigsman said. “The fact that I was able to find something that would still be convenient for my clients, and to be able to add new clients to our extended family is just the best possible outcome.”

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