Why I'm not getting vaccinated

Aug. 20, 2021
By Dale Kovar

1. Side effects. I already have too many side effects from regular medications and don’t want to risk any more variables. Also, we don’t know about potential long-term complications that may show up years later.

2. Immunity. I’ve already had COVID-19, so my natural immunity is broader and better than any artificial attempt.

3. Mistrust. The government, big media, big tech companies, big pharma, and whoever else is part of this don’t deserve my compliance.

I acknowledge that COVID-19 is a real thing. A number of people have been gravely ill or died from it.

But, “a number” is a number that can be easily manipulated to advance whatever agenda one wishes.

For example, hospitals received substantial financial incentives for identifying COVID cases regardless of what reason a patient originally came in for.

Also, in the daily brainwashing attempts, the media highlights certain percentage increases of COVID cases like they are drastic, but dismisses the stats of complications from the vaccines as being insignificant.

Those in power have been hugely successful at creating a culture of fear.

First we were sent to our rooms and locked down in isolation. That was so effective that when allowed out, practically the entire population wore face coverings any time a person went somewhere.

Fear gets people to do things they rather wouldn’t.

One citizen made the point that if we were subjected to a “death counter” in the news every day about how many people die and are injured in auto accidents, many of us would be turning in our driver licenses and finding other ways to get around.

Beyond masks, our leaders want to inject an authorized but unproven substance into our bodies.

Nearly half the population is unwilling to accept that.

Thus, the government turned to bribes. Step right up to take the vaccine and you’ll get gift cards, scholarships, lottery tickets, etc.

That alone is cause for concern when the government is that aggressive to get permission/submission to put something into our bodies.

And when bribes don’t work, the next step is to turn us against each other with guilt, blame, and peer pressure.

There are the classes of vaccinated and unvaccinated, and if you don’t belong to the right one, you’ll be denied admission to events, required to go through elaborate inconveniences of frequent testing, or perhaps even not allowed to work to make a living.

Finally, when we go check character references, I see that the people telling me to get vaccinated (#3 above) are the same ones who said there was no fraud in the last presidential election.

The real enemy to be afraid of is not COVID; it’s the power structure trying to get us to surrender our individual freedom.

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