Vaccines, part 2: one-size needle doesn't fit all

Sept. 3, 2021
By Dale Kovar

As you can imagine, feedback on my previous column about COVID vaccines reached both extremes – positive and negative.

That in itself is important. It shows there are many varying opinions among us.

One function of a local newspaper is to be a forum for public discussion of current issues, aside from social media rants to one’s own group of followers or the force-fed monologues on the tv networks.

I didn’t say anyone shouldn’t get the vaccine. I brought forward reasons why someone might not want it.

I don’t believe the vaccine alters DNA or implants tracking devices. Those are just stories made up to paint those who resist as crazy.

Ultimately, it comes down to trust and, most of all, individual freedom of choice.

Pontius Pilate once asked “What is truth?” A couple thousand years later, we still wrestle with that question.

If you’re satisfied that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks, and believe the people saying so, by all means, go for it. That is your freedom of choice.

For those who don’t, we ask to not be bullied, guilted, or legislated into giving up our right to manage our own health care.

A friend who had COVID described it as “never having been so sick in my life.” Another person who tested positive lost his taste and smell; then ran three miles a day during his quarantine period. It affected people differently.

So it is with the side effects reported from the vaccine. It’s kept out of the Big Media as much as possible, but listen to people and you’ll hear about heart trouble, miscarriages, Guillan-Barre Syndrome, blood clots, and even death.

Certainly these conditions happen to people all the time, but this would be something for the CDC to study and the media to investigate: why do these complications seem so much more prevalent among the recently vaccinated?

Also, there is no way for anyone to conclusively know potential long-term effects, either from COVID itself or its attempted prevention. This was fast-tracked. We don’t even know what we don’t know yet.

We’ll be told to listen to the science, but the “science” that makes it into the media is way too one-sided to be believable.

When in the history of America has there been such an overwhelming consensus on any major issue like this is being portrayed to be?

Those who seek to expose it get censored and ridiculed; their work is labeled as “misinformation.”

This is the 2021 version of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Just look . . . and see for yourself.

We citizens accepted the stimulus checks without extra encouragement because we judged it to be a good thing.

If the vaccine was also considered a good thing, people would accept it as well, without the incentives or bribes, let alone mandates.

Trust is built in reliable relationships in which you are confident the other party has your best interests at heart.

Our trust in the media and government is severely broken.

Lucy Media, would you hold the football so we can kick it?

As for choice, the president of the United States wants to give me the option to self-identify as whatever gender I choose. With that thinking, I should be welcome in the women’s restroom when nature calls.

Out of the other side of his mouth, that same president wants to take away my option to choose what gets injected into my body, whatever gender it might be.

Mr. President, why wouldn’t the “My body, my choice” sentiment of Roe vs. Wade also apply to vaccines?

Emperor Joe, would you hold the football so we can kick it?

Who do we trust? What should we believe?

We all have this little voice deep in our souls that will help guide us to what’s right and wrong if we just listen to it.

It’s nicer if we live in a country that maintains individual freedoms, or even strives to strengthen them.

We used to live in such a country. I hope we still do, but it’s not looking so good right now.

That’s what is really at stake here: it isn’t even as much about the merit of the vaccine, as the act of having it forced upon us.

Despite the kingdom’s narrative, the emperor just isn’t wearing any clothes.

The medical industry is being held hostage.

Go ask your doctor to write a vaccine exemption and see what the answer is. I know directly of a case in which a doctor had valid reasons and would have loved to provide an exemption but had orders from above to withhold it. Why would that be? Answer that one.

Nursing home workers will be mandated to be vaccinated as of this fall. That won’t go well.

Nursing homes are already desperately short of staff, so what can we expect when employees who cling to their personal rights either resign or are forced to be fired because of a government dictate? Who will be left to take care of Grandma?

It would be wise for all employers to seriously consider the ramifications of a vaccine mandate.

With “Now Hiring” signs seemingly at every corner, employees can hand in their resignations and go to a vaccine-free work environment.

In fact, a “No Vaccine Required” policy could be a helpful tool in filling those open staff positions. There will be people looking for that. I’m related to at least three of them.

So, what are we to make of this entire situation?

The old adage is to “follow the money.” Who profits? What is their motive?

I don’t have that answer, at least not yet.

Go ahead and kick the football, Charlie Brown.

Oh, wait! Better look first who is holding it.

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