Things left too long

Sept. 16, 2022
by Andrew Meuleners

Well, summer is coming to an end, and all of the projects I felt so good about getting done at my house this past summer are again sitting there glaring at me, waiting for me to do something about them.

I knew when we bought our house in Winsted 17 years ago that I would have things that I would need to do on our house to keep it up. The problem with that is that I am not exactly handy, Andy. I have also said before that I am cheap, and that is out of necessity.

When we first bought our house, we were on a strict budget and didn’t have much money for extras. So if something broke down and needed to be fixed, it created a lot of stress, trying to figure out where the money would come from for the repair.

I do have relatives that live near us, so I have been able to have some help with things. My brother John is a jack of all trades but has helped me tremendously throughout the years with my cars. My brother Mike is also pretty clever with all sorts of things, and he is an electrician by trade, so he has helped with not only that type of thing at my house but also cars.

My mom and dad have helped me out in some tight situations with everything.

Being farmers, you understand that you sometimes just need to do unexpected things to keep going with your work. I have seen my dad come up with solutions to the strangest problems by simply taking a little time to fiddle with them.

Say what you will about the internet, but it too has become an invaluable source for me regarding repairs at my house.

Youtube, in particular, has made me more of a handy Andy. Filled with all sorts of how-to videos, it has armed me with some vital information that has allowed me to save thousands of dollars in home repair.

Now I said at the beginning of this that I have a bunch of things I needed to get done before the end of the summer, and that is still true.

However, one of my more not-so-awesome traits is that sometimes I hesitate a little too long to get something done. It is not procrastination as much as a fear of doing something wrong or paying too much for something.

I could ask some of my friends I have made here for help with some of these projects, too, but I always feel guilty about doing that because I know they work all week and have a family too and need to get their stuff done as well on the weekend.

My wife says to just hire someone, and I always seem to balk at that suggestion. Although, of course, we are in a better position financially now than when we first got married, bought a house, and had two kids, a tiny part of me always goes back to when we didn’t have any money and stresses about whether we can afford to do something or not.

So basically, what I am saying is that I know that this weekend I need to get some stuff done. I can’t sit and think about it anymore because it has gone on for too long.

You know my wife is going to read this and roll her eyes because she is going to say, “I’ll believe it when I see it,” and she is probably right, but at least for now, I have the motivation to get it done. 

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