A review of the last 12 months

Jan. 1, 2022 – Senior Connections
By Dale Kovar

To the president of the United States: what have you done with our country?

This is not a personal attack, but out of necessity, it is a policy attack.

In roughly a year of you being in charge, here’s a look at what you and those under you have done.

Some things even a president has little control of; others are directly a result of your actions or inactions.

Let’s start with inflation. Gas cost us $1.79/gallon at the time of the election. Now it’s approximately 75% more than that.

So don’t be selling or giving away our oil reserves to other countries.

Nothing seems to sink the economy more than high energy prices. From personal vehicles to every product that is delivered from somewhere to somewhere else, gas prices affect everyone – a lot!

Next are vaccine mandates. While we expect our government to advocate for public health, you went way over the line in trying to force vaccines on citizens who would rather not have them.

We don’t have to belabor the points of how the vaccine was rushed into the market so we don’t know the long-term effects, but judging from the many complications vaccinated people are already having, declining the jab seems like a better idea every day.

Then you hold front-line health care workers hostage for their jobs just a few months after they were the heroes for working tirelessly during the worst stretch of the pandemic.

Many of them are among the most knowledgeable people about the vaccine risks, but they get censored and even have their licenses threatened if they dare speak up. You force it on them by threatening to take away funding from medical institutions.

You put large employers in an awful position when they are already struggling to find workers, by making them the bad guys to dictate current employees’ medical decisions.

And somehow you have the corporate media singing your song every day and night without allowing opposing viewpoints.

That destroys any trust we may have had in you, when we already had serious doubts about the integrity of the election itself. More and more facts about election irregularities are coming to light all the time.

As for Afghanistan, the headlines proclaimed that the “war is over” but we all know better.

The war isn’t over; you ran away from it!

And you left some of our fellow Americans there, not to mention expensive military equipment that is now in the hands of our enemies.

Looking further, violence is increasing in our cities because of an anti-police attitude from leadership.

That is the same leadership that can’t (or won’t) tell the difference between a man and woman.

Our borders are wide open to numerous immigrants who not only aren’t required to be vaccinated in their travels but then may get six-figure pay-outs. One can only conclude how they’re expected to vote next time.

Maybe you can blame all the problems on something like global warming. By the way, Minnesota used to be covered with glaciers, so this has been going on for thousands of years. It’s just weather.

No wonder the “Let’s Go Brandon” chants (or the original version) are commonplace when large groups of Americans are gathered.

We certainly can’t stand another three years anything like this.

Anyone else with a job performance like this would be fired now, even if there’s a four-year contract.

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