Choosing our next governor: there’s hope for better days

Feb. 11, 2022
By Dale Kovar

I want to go uptown without covering my face, buy a hamburger without showing a passport, and get home without getting carjacked. Is that too much to ask?

Sadly, in our current culture, those are limitations and risks we may face every time we leave our homes.

This year is Minnesota’s cycle to choose a governor, preferably a new one. With the recent precinct caucuses, our state election season is underway.

I ask: are you pleased with how things have been going the last couple years? I think anyone would be hard-pressed to say that the current state of affairs is what we really desire.

We want the freedom to be able to work in an occupation we choose to put food on the table, pay for necessary costs of living, and after all the taxes are siphoned off, have a little bit left for some fun.

So what realistic options do we have as citizens?

Most of us do not have the time or resources to visit the state capitol expressing our needs. Even to call, write, or email our elected officials takes more boldness than many people are inclined to put forth.

But Election Day is our opportunity to reinstate or replace those who make the rules we live by, based on how they have performed.

Again, how have things been going lately? Would you like a change? If so, we need new leadership.

There are several very good candidates to be the next governor, and of those, one stands out above the rest.

Precinct caucuses are attended only by those who are the most dedicated to being involved in our political process. Thus, we can be confident those people have some expertise in making wise choices.

The straw poll results from the Feb. 1 caucuses speak loudly: Dr. Scott Jensen received nearly three times as many endorsement votes as the next closest candidate.

In order to have a change so that the coming years are better than now, it is already apparent who should be elected as the next governor this fall.

Dr. Jensen received national notoriety for contradicting the one-sided COVID-19 narrative the federal government and big media forced upon us. Opponents claim he puts politics above health and safety, but keep in mind that Jensen was named Minnesota’s Family Physician of the Year in 2016, hardly someone who would discount health concerns.

In politics, there are unfounded attacks and outright lies. We must be able to sort out the truth from the . . . well, you know.

Go down the list of issues – crime, education, election integrity, health freedom, etc. – and Jensen checks all the boxes. He’s shown that he is willing and able to speak up for what’s right.

Not only is Jensen the most electable candidate, the prospects of him succeeding when in office are very promising. He is a breath of fresh air from the outside, and experienced as well.

Jensen served one term as a state senator, which means he clearly understands how our state government system works – and doesn’t work.

Best of all, he is not a career politician who ultimately would provide us more of the same old government we’ve had for decades.

Come November, Scott Jensen will get my vote for governor of Minnesota. I hope he’ll get yours also.

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