Choosing our next governor:
this election is about leadership

Oct. 28, 2022
By Dale Kovar

Election Day is when we reinstate or replace the people who make the rules we have to live by, based on how they have performed.

Across Minnesota, people are waking up from their political comas and agreeing: it’s time to replace the governor.

There are the big issues like crime, inflation, education, and government overreach into too many aspects of our lives, but it goes beyond that.

This election is about character and leadership.

Keep in mind that the hot issues are constantly shifting, so what we really need is a governor we can trust to handle them properly on our behalf.

I hope you have gotten to hear Dr. Scott Jensen firsthand. Perhaps you even got to meet him personally somewhere on the campaign trail, as he has been traveling throughout the state for many months to reach people.

If you have, you already know what I mean. The accompanying screen captures from social media posts show what others are seeing and hearing as well.


The governor is the person who is to lead the legislature to reasonable solutions to serve the citizens. He’s also the person to lead the citizens in making our state function as a place to enjoy and in which we can flourish.

It’s very hard to argue that Tim Walz has been an effective leader.

No one could foresee the difficult COVID and Floyd riot issues that arose in Walz’s term. We can give him some leeway, but as those situations developed, it became painfully clear that Walz failed badly on both accounts.

Fast-forward to this year, when Walz was publicly denounced for making false statements, namely the judge’s rebuke in the Feeding our Future fraud scandal, and the blatantly incorrect interview statement that 80 percent of students missed fewer than 10 days of classroom time.


Alternatively, Dr. Jensen has been a successful leader throughout his career, willing to stand firm and tell the truth with clarity, even in the face of unwarranted criticism and attacks that are nothing more than dirty politics.

Jensen offers both the appeal of not being entrenched in the political fraternity, yet at the same time his experience as a one-term senator gives him the knowledge to know where the system is broken.

He brings to government the same common-sense approach that has served his medical patients for decades: ask good questions, listen to the answers, and from there the course of action is determined.

That’s a far cry from the inadequate leadership style we’ve had through lengthy lockdowns and debate-dodging.


Jensen has repeatedly said that as governor he wants to surround himself with knowledgeable people who will put forth effective recommendations – not just yes-men who have jobs as political favors.

He is also more of a unifying force than he gets credit for. In an interview shortly before announcing his campaign, Jensen said: “If I have someone that disagrees with me 20% of the time, I don’t have a 20% enemy. I have an ally.”


Of course, no human is perfect, and Jensen is honest enough to admit he makes an occasional mistake, as we all do. You don’t hear that too often from someone in office.

Fellow Minnesotans, we can’t let this opportunity get away. It’s not replacing a longtime politician with another one, so we end up with more of the same. This is about reclaiming what we have lost. Will you be part of the movement?

If you haven’t voted early, please make sure to get to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 8 and mark your ballot to vote for Dr. Scott Jensen as governor of Minnesota.

I promise you’ll be glad you did.

Nelson Johnson







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