Truth comes out: putting blame where it belongs

Dec. 9, 2022
By Dale Kovar

“Just as a reminder, this incident started because George Floyd went into a store to buy cigarettes with counterfeit money.” – page 107, They’re Lying: The Media, The Left, and The Death of George Floyd by Liz Collin, 2022.

They're Lying

That is just the beginning, a detail we are familiar with, but there is also much more revealed in this book that you haven’t have heard in the mainstream media.

They’re Lying came out shortly before this year’s election and was met with unfortunate silence, though not surprising because the Media and Left would have had to admit their intentional wrongdoing. That includes current politicians who were in the midst of seeking reelection.

Out of respect for Liz’s work, I don’t want to swipe the important spoilers. It’s better if you read the book yourself and draw your own conclusions anyway.

But I can whet your appetite and direct you to some key points to look for.

First, a bit of background: Liz grew up in Worthington and always wanted to be a tv reporter; she worked her way up through the ranks, and eventually landed her dream job at WCCO-TV. Her husband is Bob Kroll, who was head of the police union at the time of the Floyd incident. Both were severely attacked simply because they were convenient targets.

Okay, here we go:

• One of the biggest facts is the official autopsy report on George Floyd, which is reprinted in the book. What health conditions were affecting him, and what was the real cause of his death?

• At what point did George Floyd first say “I can’t breathe?” Find out if it was before or after a police officer even touched him.

• The police body cam video that could have been released promptly to give full context to the situation was withheld for how long?

• Politicians, celebrities, and activists quickly weighed in with judgment based on a single Facebook video. Where was the investigation and due process to evaluate the officers’ actions?

• How do the decries of “systemic police racism” fit since the officers involved were two whites, one black, and one Hmong American?

• How was Liz treated by her employer? What were the station’s practices as to what and how it would report?

• What were the details of the situation involving the surrendering of the Third Precinct?

• Hear directly from Derek Chauvin himself, who instantly realized he was in a defeated circumstance that would change his life and employment prospects forever.

• What irregular factors were there in Chauvin’s trial?

And there’s much, much more. Again, it’s best you read it yourself to take in all the details.

The book is available in various formats at the website www.TheLieExposed.com.

A bonus announcement for our readers: as part of a book tour, Liz Collin will be available at a meet-and-greet event Thursday, Dec. 15 at 6:30 p.m. at the airport hangar at 2561 72nd St SE, rural Delano.

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