Importance of free speech

Jan. 20, 2023
By Dale Kovar

“The theory of a free press is that the truth will emerge from free reporting and free discussion, not that it will be presented perfectly and instantly in any one account.” – Walter Lippmann, journalist/author

As expected, on a 0-10 scale, my column last week about election fraud received ratings of 0, 10, and everything in between.

I acknowledge the extreme length of that piece as it addressed a difficult, complicated topic, and it took that much space to explain and support a position.

Certainly, those who disagree can find many other reference pieces that present a different picture.

That brings us back to Lippmann’s point: no single article is ever the final word.

Thus, it’s up to you as readers/citizens to evaluate all the information available and think for yourself: what makes sense, and who should you believe?

The aspect that is most harmful for everyone is censorship or suppressing the exchange of opinions and information so you don’t even have that opportunity.

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