Much for which I am thankful

Nov. 17, 2023
by Ivan Raconteur

I always think it’s odd that we have one specific day on which to be thankful. It seems to me we should be thankful every day of the year.

One thing I noticed about thankfulness is that I am more thankful with each passing year. I don’t think this is necessarily because I have more things for which I can be thankful, although I certainly have a lot on my list.

I think it is partly due to awareness.

Even on more challenging days (I don’t believe there are any bad days), I don’t have to think too long to find things for which I am thankful. Some may be smaller things, some may be larger, but there is always something.

Today, for example, when I was leaving my physical therapy appointment, a woman jumped out of her chair in the waiting room to make sure there was an automatic opener. If there was not, she was prepared to hold the door for me to make my progress easier.

I have found this countless times at the therapy clinic. Perhaps people who have recovered from injuries themselves or who know someone who has are more aware of the challenges we face. We all try to help one another.

It is by no means limited to therapy patients. I have experienced countless acts of kindness since my medical challenges began.

Age is another factor. People seem more willing to cut me some slack, seeing that I am older and less able to do some things than I once was.

Regardless of the source or what these acts of kindness involve, it is important to recognize them actively. Being thankful for the good things, rather than complaining about the things that don’t seem to go our day, will put our days in a more positive light and help us appreciate the many good things in our lives. There are far too many to limit our thanks to just one day.

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