2009 Columns

Umps do it once again, 10/12/09

The Twins in the playoffs? No way!, 10/5/09

Should the Royals change conferences?, 9/28/09

No new news on Winsted Wildcats, 9/21/09

What a fun ride!, 9/14/09

A bad time for an early deadline, 9/7/09

No TV is getting really old in a hurry, 8/24/09

The calm before the storm, 8/10/09

No softball tourney?, 8/3/09

A tough time in home run derby, 7/27/09

Time for my rant on umpires, 7/20/09

Football in a month? No way!, 7/13/09

Taking a trip to KC, how exciting!, 6/22/09

Wow, only three practices left, 5/4/09

My favorite topic – umpires, 4/27/09

Sights and sounds of spring, 4/13/09

Looking back, and forward, 4/6/09

Dumb mistakes – they happen by me, 3/23/09

I get one more week, 3/16/09

Changes coming to HS sports?, 3/9/09

Spring is so close, I can taste it, 3/2/09

Tough times ahead for LP School, 2/23/09

A streak of amazing finishes, 2/16/09

The Wii does my arm in, 2/9/09

A big loss for amateur baseball, 1/26/09

An interesting start to 2009, 1/12/09

A great day on the ice, 1/5/09

2008 Columns

Heads up on those sleds, please?, 12/22/08

Hot Stove not too hot for the Twins this year, 12/15/08

What about a change in conferences?, 12/8/08

State board keeps Plato in Class B, 12/1/08

Soccer, rugby, and cricket - oh my!, 11/24/08

It's the quiet before the winter storm, 11/3/08

The end is too sudden, 10/27/08

Section FB seedings anything but simple, 10/13/08

A look at some high school football conference races, 10/6/08

Hockey season around the corner, 9/29/08

In Gus we will trust, 9/22/08

Good year, mo matter how it ends, 9/15/08

Football rivalries at their best, 9/1/08

Neumann gets the BBB job, 8/25/08

I've caught Olympic fever, 8/18/08

Fall sports already here?, 8/11/08

Kley brothers get the call, 8/4/08

Pairing gets extended, 7/28/08

A little bit of football, 7/21/08

Just one more game, 6/23/08

The unwritten rules of baseball, 6/9/08

Keep replay out of baseball, please, 6/2/08

Sick of the weather, 4/28/08

Spring sports can't catch a break, 4/14/08

Snow, snow go away – please, 3/24/08

Let March Madness begin, 3/17/08

How does a team get seeded?, 3/10/08

Spring training is finally here, 2/25/08

Time to look to next year for Gophers, 2/18/08

My free agent wish list for the Vikings, 2/11/08

Sick and tired of being sick and tired, 2/4/08

Come through in the clutch lately?, 1/28/08

A little something for everyone, 1/14/08

A newbie on the trails – watch out!, 1/7/08

Take It or Leave It
Aaron SchultzAaron Schultz
former Herald Journal Sports Editor

2007 Columns

It's time for New Year's resolutions, 12/31/07

All I want for Christmas . . ., 12/24/07

No argument is needed here, 12/17/07

Childress, the Wizard of Winterpark, 12/10/07

Bowling outing anything but spectacular, 12/3/07

A blast from the past, 11/19/07

Deer hunting, among other things, 11/12/07

That's one way to get a deer, 11/5/07

The story from an old offensive lineman, 10/29/07

Coaching kids is simply a blast; most of the time, 10/1/07

It's been a season I won't soon forget, 9/10/07

State tourney memories, new and old, 8/20/07

A tragedy right before our eyes, 8/6/07

Campbell Field is looking good, 7/30/07

Don't blink or it will be over, 7/23/07

Baseball playoff predictions, 7/16/07

Can't believe it's been five years, 7/2/07

It's time to trade Garnett, 6/25/07

State baseball and some golf, 6/18/07

A life full of valuable lessons, 5/21/07

Spring sports going good, so far, 5/7/07

Baseball this, and baseball that, 4/16/07

Attending the home opener, 4/9/07

Can't believe spring is already here, 4/2/07

It was a great week for me, 3/26/07

Some of this along with some of that, 3/19/07

Making it down to another state tourney, 3/12/07

I like snow, just not this week, 3/5/07

HT and LP pairing a good thing, 2/26/07

My glory days of wrestling, 2/5/07

Vacations – are they worth it?, 1/29/07

One head coach to keep, 1/15/07

Am I dreaming?, 1/8/07

Time for those New Year’s changes, 1/1/07

2006 Columns

Please McHale, get A.I. 12/18/06

It is time for Jackson to take over 12/11/06

An early look at the Hot Stove 12/4/06

The time of year to give thanks 11/27/06

It is a little-known fact . . . 11/20/06

No gun, no license, no deer, no problem 11/13/06

The next president – Matt Birk? 11/6/06

Two good moves away 10/16/06

Fellow HJ sports guys are way off base this week 9/25/06

Unfortunately, same old Gopher football 9/18/06

Another state tourney has come and gone 9/11/06

The most wonderful time of the year 8/21/06

Am I getting soft in my old age? 7/17/06

Wild good, Wolves not so much 7/10/06

Hardest thing I've tried to hit 7/3/06

Probably not the smartest thing to do 6/19/06

Spinning a good baseball yarn 5/15/06

Bring on April; I'm sick of March 4/3/06

Culpepper, dugouts, and coaching 3/20/06

The sweet, sweet sound of spring 3/6/06

Baseball right around the corner 2/27/06

A little of this and a little of that 2/13/06

It is time to lose another head coach 1/16/06

Should we just get rid of officials? 1/9/06

Something better happen, or else 1/2/06

2005 Columns

Records and milestones, 1/3/05

Can the BCS go away?, 1/10/05

Off for the weekend, 1/17/05

Just a rough weekend, 1/24/05

Let's run up the score, 2/7/05

Exceding expectations 2/14/05

What's happened to my Gopher hockey team? 2/21/05

Whoopings are not always avoidable 2/28/05

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year 3/14/05

And the debate continues.... 2/21/05

I have the best fantasy baseball team ever 4/4/05

Getting pretty excited about the NFL draft, 4/11/05

A quick look at the Crow 4/25/05

My least favorite stadium 5/02/05

A stack of memories, 7/04/05

Already got my deer 10/31/05

Season's over, but memories remain, 11/07/05

Come on Twins, do something 12/12/05

Plenty of tourneys to satisfy the fans, 12/26/05