2009 Columns

Campers in training

Derek Boogaard adds modeling to his resume, 9/7/09

New normal and wrinkly, 8/31/09

Look what I can do, 8/24/09

The tooth fairy is on to you, 8/17/09

Thank you for the music, 8/10/09

Meeting Bret Michaels, 7/13/09

Hands to yourselves, 7/6/09

What’s your problem? 6/29/09

Girly day and bee spray, 6/22/09

While the kids are away, 6/15/09

Backwards and inside out, 6/8/09

Beware of bunny ears, 6/1/09

With two simple words, 5/25/09

The worst mom ever, 5/18/09

Become a fan of clowns and cheeseburgers, 5/11/09

Are you talking to me?, 5/4/09

Seeing red because of Agent Orange and the Mpls. VA Medical Center, 4/27/09

It’s clean – because you can walk in it, 4/20/09

Learning to ‘Drive Wright’, 4/13/09

What if it were you hanging up on this wall?, 4/6/09

Oh look . . . a chicken!, 3/30/09

The Mazatlan Memoirs IV– the end, 3/23/09

The Mazatlan Memoirs III, 3/16/09

The Mazatlan Memoirs II, 3/9/09

The Mazatlan Memoirs I, 3/2/09

What ever happened to pinball or pong?, 2/16/09

A birthday wish, an apology and a good laugh, 2/9/09

Have a nice day jacket head!, 2/2/09

The would-be intruder, 1/26/09

You just have to laugh, 1/19/09

True inner beauty, 1/12/09

Break day boredom blues, 1/5/09

2008 Columns

Confessions of a scrapbooking slacker, 12/29/08

Passport pandemonium, 12/22/08

Go brush your teeth!, 12/8/08

It's like jogging on the inside, 12/1/08

Secrets of the sectional sofa, 11/24/08

Wicked giggles in the backseat, 11/17/08

All in a mommy’s purse, 11/10/08

Thankful for just knowing, 10/27/08

Snoops and tattle tales, 10/20/08

Old fashioned?, 10/13/08

Stop bullying now, 10/6/08

If only I had a penny . . ., 9/29/08

Delano Middle School students take the stage, 9/15/08

Knock it off, or I’m pulling this car right over!, 9/8/08

It seems like only yesterday, I hope it’s tomorrow, or do I?, 9/1/08

One ballgame, six seats, and three generations, 8/25/08

See, Mom, we aren’t so bad, 8/18/08

Love thy siblings, or you are grounded! 8/11/08

Mommy has to do math when she’s a paper boy, 8/4/08

So good, so good, so good!, 7/28/08

Nice, calm, sleeping bees, 7/21/08

Mommies shouldn't mosh, 7/14/08

With the bass a thumpin', 7/7/08

Band-Aids are magic, but moms are not, 6/30/08

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, 6/16/08

Sleepwalking, 6/9/08

Ladies from the eighties, 5/26/08

Moms have strong stomachs, 5/19/08

Getting taken for a ride, 5/12/08

Stay where I can see you, 5/5/08

What does that mean?, 4/28/08

Did we miss the Fourth of July?, 4/21/08

Don’t miss a ‘Tiger-rific’ time, 4/7/08

Once a mom, always a mom, 3/31/08

Mom needs a math tutor, 3/24/08

Delano’s public schools are faced with overcrowding, 3/17/08

It's a touchy subject, 3/10/08

Mom, you aren’t a girl anymore, 3/3/08

I have to have it!, 2/25/08

What time is bedtime?, 2/18/08

Life in the parent lane, 2/11/08

Break a leg, 2/4/08

You know you’re a parent when . . . , 1/28/08

Press one for English, 1/14/08

Too old to play, 1/7/08

Tiny Tales
Jen Bakken
2007 Columns

Stress-relieving sour notes 12/31/07

Mommy doesn't have eyes in the back of her head, 12/24/07

Just becuse you can, doesn't mean you should, 12/17/07

What's so funny?, 12/10/07

The tipsy-topsy tree, 12/3/07

You called the police?, 11/26/07

Wee-witty-wisecrackers, 11/19/07

Weren't you blonde?, 11/12/07

Moms shouldn't be allowed to text, 10/29/07

Oh, to be a kid again, 10/22/07

Back to school go my gnomes, 8/20/07

Raptor in the rafters, 7/30/07

Because I said so, that's why, 7/2/07

Oh, the pictures, 1,000 words, 6/18/07

Catastrophe averted!, 5/28/07

It's payback time, 5/21/07

Apparently, revisited, 5/14/07

You are my . . . sasnin?, 5/7/07

Things we never thought we'd say, 4/30/07

A cat without a name?, 4/23/07

Me . . . me . . . me . . . giving feels good, 4/16/07

Comedian in the net, 4/2/07

Apparently, 3/26/07

Sidewalk chalk, 3/19/07

A letter for Gramps, 3/12/07

First-graders in the White House, 3/5/07

Stand on your toes, downstairs, 2/26/07

Casper the . . . mischievous ghost?, 2/19/07

Mother Goose lives on our ceiling?, 2/12/07

And busses for all, 2/5/07

Applauding our dedicated community and the wise decisions of our not-so-tiny tigers, 1/29/07

Excerpts from a 5-year-old, 1/22/07

Mommy, are you 'my' fan?, 1/15/07

Just hanging out can be fun ... even with mom, 1/8/07

Naughty or nice, a child's wish list, 1/1/07

2006 Columns

Only through a child’s eyes, 12/25/06

Do you have a "tiny tale" to share?, 12/18/06

At school, we all have to follow the rules, 12/11/06

Is there a star in your eyes?, 12/4/06

Oh, the things you overhear, 11/27/06

Just one more time, 11/20/06

'The Star Spangled Banner' can be tricky, 11/13/06

Amazing accomplishments a big part of children's lives, 11/6/06

What did you say?, 10/30/06

Are hot lunches really hot?, 10/23/06

Sometimes two is easier than four, 10/16/06

Geography is hard to understand, 10/9/06

Don't they say the cutest things, 10/2/06

Do you have a "tiny tale" to share?, 9/25/06

The case of the automatic flush, 9/18/06

Super heroes and other tiny tales, 9/11/06