Jerry Ford

Movie Columnist

Lord of the Rings: a fantasy film that could actually win an Oscar, 12/29/03

Strong cast assembled for 'The Last Samurai', 12/15/03

'Master and Commander,' The Far Side of the World, 11/24/03

Mystic River ­ a great movie missed, 11/10/03

Taking a look at McCanlies' 'Secondhand Lions', 10/27/03

Birth of film making ­ a French connection, 10/13/03

Quirky 'Matchstick Men' will captivate you, 9/22/03ccol

'Adaptation' now available in video stores, 8/4/03

Pirates of the Caribbean - now in theaters, 7/21/03

'The Philadelphia Story' - Hepburn remembered, 7/7/03

The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, 6/9/03

'The Matrix Reloaded' raises the bar on special effects, 5/26/03

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