2008 Columns

Don't count me out, 5/5/08

Lighting is everything, oftentimes, 4/28/08

Poor planning for local roadwork, 4/21/08

Coincidence? I think not . . ., 4/14/08

The value of a nap?, 4/7/08

Spring babies are just around the corner, 3/31/08

A trip with it all, part 2, 3/24/08

A trip filled with good, bad, and ugly, 3/17/08

All milk is not created equal, 3/3/08

A preoccupation with anti-aging, 2/25/08

A different kind of Internet bullying, 2/18/08

May I introduce Bella. . ., 2/11/08

Drinking for the greater good, 2/4/08

Another celebrity dies too young, 1/28/08

Confessions of an ex-royalty hater, 1/14/08

Starting the new year right, 1/708

2007 Columns

A good reason to watch what you wish for, 12/31/07

Gag-gifts make the best presents, 12/24/07

Sometimes fairy-tale creatures run late, 12/17/07

Oops, I did it again, 12/10/07

Wash hands after handling holiday lights, 12/3/07

Hold your tongue about the ex-spouse, 11/26/07

Why men don't shop, 11/19/07

Eight is enough, 11/12/07

Exercising with the peanut gallery, 11/5/07

An impulse purchase I don’t regret, 10/29/07

Harvest yields are fair to poor, 10/22/07

For a good time, start flour farming, 10/15/07

Brought down by a blemish, 10/8/07

How to properly spoil a child, 10/1/07

Of pigeons and paparazzi . . ., 9/24/07

A big, fat crack in my heart, 9/10/07

The presence of grandparents, 9/3/07

Another farming fiasco, 8/27/07

Back-to-school blues, 8/20/07

The never ending list, 8/13/07

Guard goose on the loose, 8/6/07

The greatest tip ever, 7/30/07

Getting a non-alcoholic buzz, 7/23/07

An attack on a way of life, 7/16/07

Hidden dangers in firewood?, 7/9/07

A family trip to the mountains, 7/2/07

It’s almost fair time, 6/25/07

Breaking down in style, 6/18/07

Those hard-to-wash kid heads, 6/11/07

A great trip-planning web site, 6/4/07

A lunchtime kindergartner, 5/28/07

Destination: manure pile, 5/21/07

Forest fire management, 5/14/07

Give courtesy to farmers, 5/7/07

Prevent fleas and ticks now, 4/30/07

Beware of girly-girl hazards, 4/23/07

A very blessed Easter, 4/16/07

Free as a bird, I mean duck, 4/9/07

Those crazy college jobs, 4/2/07

The attack of the appendix, 3/19/07

Weird animal lady in the making, 3/12/07

Determining fact from fiction, 3/5/07

A turtle for breakfast, 2/26/07

Some auction advice, 2/19/07

A valentine survey, 2/12/07

Another great ice fight, 2/5/07

Who talks more?, 1/29/07

An elephant never forgets, 1/22/07

Skin cancer at any age, 1/15/07

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2006 Columns

Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?, 12/25/06

Practical gift ideas, 12/18/06

Auction withdrawal, 12/11/06

Kids need more attention, 12/4/06

Let it snow, please, 11/27/06

Pictures with dead animals, 11/20/06

Heroes in our midst, 11/13/06

I think we’re in Kansas, Toto, 11/6/06

Watch out for those kittens, 10/16/06

A great hike, part two, 10/9/06

A north shore hike to remember, 10/2/06

Love those garden veggies, 9/18/06