2010 Columns

Don't punish the rest of us (050310)

Don't bother seeing the Dead Sea Scrolls (041210)

That's not news (021510)

2009 Columns
Taking care of what you have (Enterprise), (08/31/09)

Positive, on purpose (08/03/09)

The lowest common denominator, (07/27/09)

Not for the fainthearted, (06/22/09)

No room for whiners, (06/15/09)

Arrogance is curable, (06/01/09)

Comfort food, (05/25/09)

A time of grief, (05/11/09)

Learning the lesson all over again, 04/27/09

It could be any one of us (Herald Journal), 04/20/09
It could be any one of us (Enterprise), 04/20/09

Slow and steady wins the race, 04/13/09

No points for being good, 03/30/09

Who are your friends? (Herald Journal), 03/23/09
Who are your friends? (Enterprise), 03/23/09

Using the left side of your brain, 03/16/09

Hacking my way through the digital jungle on Facebook, 03/09/09

Dragged into the 21st Century, 03/02/09

Common sense is uncommon, 2/23/09

Back to the basics, 2/16/09

Then comes ‘unraveling,' 2/2/09

Free to 'not' do anything, 1/19/09
Wednesday, Jan. 21 is Mark Ollig Day, 1/19/09

The body self implodes at 40?, 1/12/09

Treasure, artwork and bones, 1/5/09

2008 Columns
Waving at Santa in Waverly (HJ), 12/29
Santa in a Dassel snowstorm (ED), 12/29

An abbreviated culture, 12/22/08

A few copper coins, 12/15/08

Giving away 'bland' salsa, 12/08/08

Tips on how to be cheap, 12/01/08

A true sense of wonderment, 11/24/08

Remember the expensive lesson, 11/17/08

2007 Columns

Killing ourselves from the inside out, 9/10/07

Fasting from excess, 9/3/07

A ‘Ka-saw . . .?”, 8/27/07

The fluid ‘facts’ of the Internet, 8/20/07

Pawlenty was right the first time, 8/13/07

What can you do?, 8/6/07

2006 Columns

Last-minute attacks: a peek inside McLeod Co. newsrooms, 11/6/06

How to win the McLeod Co. sheriff’s race, 10/30/06

A very special kind of person, 6/26/06

Like a chocolate eclair to the ear, 4/10/06

Stop driving for everything, 3/20/06

Where’s that wheelchair?, 3/6/06

Everything to lose, nothing to gain, 2/13/06

Lessons learned; looking ahead, 1/9/06

2004 Columns

Dismantling families 7/12/04

Proud of his quick eye, 6/21/04

A wish list for troops; why not adopt a soldier? 6/7/04

Don’t let your kids read the new car manual, 5/20/04

Skip the vacuum for Mother's Day, 5/3/04

A questionnaire for friends, 4/26/04

Ready to strap on my bargain- hunting shoes, 4/19/04

Trading an outboard electric motor for tomatoes, 4/12/04

Now that's what I call guts, 3/29/04

Witnessing the return of an old friend, 3/22/04

Pausing a bit before I stuff something in my mouth, 3/15/04

Wearing the shoe on the other foot for once, 2/16/04

2003 Columns

Out of the woods when it comes to accidents, 11/24/03

Little fountains of joy. But who is the poopetrator?, 11/10/03

Operation jam is considered a complete success, 9/29/03

Watch your moves while driving, 9/22/03

Of new puppies and sticky kitchens . . ., 9/15/03

Suggestions for how to submit newspaper items, 8/18/03

Let's have ice cream for breakfast, 8/11/03

The upside anchor in all of our lives, 8/4/03

Consoled with a different appliance on the lawn, 7/28/03

Elvis released into the South Dakota wild . . ., 7/21/03

Minn. mosquitoes helped us unpack the car, 7/14/03

Strangers looking for directions to your home, 5/26/03

Looking for true love at the bird feeder, 3/10/03

Unforgettable people ­ like Willard Kreitlow, 3/3/03

The definition between vintage and an antique, 2/24/03

Editor's Column
Lynda JensenLynda Jensen
Herald Journal & Enterprise Dispatch Editor
(dec. 2010)
2002 Columns

Sneaking looks at Christmas presents, 12/23/02

My personal exercise workout for total wimps, 12/16/02

Breaking two of my Christmas traditions, 12/9/02

Winter will knock us on our cans, 12/2/02

Not quite Christmas without that tree, 11/25/02

Tips and tidbits on how to be cheap, 11/18/02

Automated politicians making phone calls, 11/11/02

Higher standard? Why have it?, 11/4/02

Trading mosquitoes for the snowflakes, 10/28/02

A lasagna recipe (for the rest of us), 9/30/02

Pope John Paul: calling it as he sees it, 9/23/02

Rumors about bank-clinic project getting out of hand, 8/26/02

Our new little puppy that leaks, 8/19/02

Freedom OF religion,not freedom FROM religion, 7/1/02

Start the squirt gun peace treaties, 6/10/02

Waverly City Council should consider videotaping meetings, 6/3/02

Smoked by an elderly gentleman, 5/27/02 Herald

Before pantyhose, McDonald's, 5/27/02 Journal

Stories about naughty, nice people ­ which one was the most important? 5/20/02

Kool-Aid stands at the Jensens, 5/13/02

Menu? Our special is knuckle sandwich, 5/6/02

Teaching little brother manners, 4/15/02

Laughing it up with the eccentrics, 4/8/02

But on the first day of the week . . ., 4/1/02

'Seize the day' my friend used to say, 3/25/02

Reeling in the chimes, in search of spring, 3/18/02

My children are at it again, 3/11/02

Nipped by a goose at the petting zoo, 3/4/02

Trucking around with socks, underwear, 2/25/02

A momentary lapse of reason, 2/18/02

The hysterical corporate mind, 2/11/02

The genuine pursuit of a lifetime, 2/4/02

Courage, or just being crazy?, 1/21/02

Eat a live toad first thing in the morning, 1/14/02

We all think we're going to lose weight, 1/7/02

2001 Columns

It's time for New Year's Eve resolutions, 12/31/01

Christmas shopping with Mr. Blabbermouths, 12/24/01

Let the screaming begin: writing Christmas letters, 12/17/01

Ten (borrowed) ideas for a good Christmas, 12/10/01

Four mavericks, tailing me on Highway 12, 12/3/01

Memories of our dog caught in barbed wire, 11/26/01

In denial of winter: that first blast reminds me, 11/12/01

John Wayne Jr., is over at our place, pilgrim, 11/5/01

Chewing, smacking drive me bonkers, 10/29/01

Of crispy critters and burning houses, 10/22/01

Just fork over the $$$, don't ask questions, 10/15/01

Some anniversary gift ideas: guns . . . ?, 10/8/01

Mother hen feathers raising a five year old boy, 10/1/01

Getting lost with my mother-in-law, 9/24/01

Comfort for those who are grieving, 9/17/01

Chasing butterflies in the cemetery, 9/10/01

Powerball, smowerball, 9/3/01

Now, aren't we smarter than that?, 8/27/01

Nine dollars' worth of garden weeds, 8/20/01

The fashion dinosaur goes back to school, 8/13/01

We are creatures of convenience, but let's cut it out for now, 8/6/01

Waltzing around town like nobody's business, 7/30/01

This is it; the wolf is at the door and the construction has begun, 7/23/01

Waverly Daze: a quiet coronation, 7/16/01

Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you, 7/9/01

Walking sideways at the Herald office, 7/2/01