2008 Columns

Late vote counts seem fishy, 11/17/08

No ‘Trick or Treat?’ this year, 11/10/03

Dolls change, but still in style, 11/03/08

Switchers aren’t always real, 10/27/08

ACORN is being investigated, 10/20/08

Classic cabin memories, 10/13/08

Little signs of a recession show, 10/06/08

Whopper or another flip-flop? 9/29/08

Who is really hoarding US oil? 9/22/08

McCain-Palin make change real, 9/15/08

Finally, irradiated leafy greens, 9/01/08

Bigfoot trumps John Edwards, 8/25/08

Welfare recipients visit Hawaii? 8/18/08

Voters want more than race, 8/11/08

Lights are thrilling spectacle, 8/4/08

Ignorance causes racism, 7/28/08

Carbon dioxide is not pollution, 7/21/08

Solar energy stopped for squirrels, 7/7/08

Environment has good signs, too, 6/30/08

First time in history, 6/23/08

Bioengineered foods help poor, 6/16/08

Biggest change in economy ever, 6/9/08

Seizure of 465 kids was botched, 6/2/08

Housing bill ‘deeply flawed’ 5/26/08

Students sit during the pledge, 5/19/08

Error is misdirecting consumers, 5/12/08

No ‘reverse’ noblesse oblige, 5/5/08

Why do couples choose polygamy? 4/28/08

Boycott the Olympics, 4/21/08

Fat people don’t cost taxpayers, 4/14/08

US has super-sized oil field, 4/7/08

Obama stays with racist pastor, 3/31/08

Science has ‘sort-of’ good news, 3/24/08

Will Republicans vote for taxes? 3/17/08

Athletes to bring US food to China, 3/10/08

Where were immigration laws? 3/3/08

Satellite shoot was Thursday, 2/25/08

What will Obama’s change do? 2/18/08

Vietnam Syndrome ignores facts, 2/11/08

Voters need a checklist, 2/4/08

Vaccines don’t cause autism, 1/28/08

What is ‘cruel and unusual?’ 1/21/08

Lawyer damages Marine’s car, 1/14/08

Who is calling whom ‘racist?’ 1/7/08

2007 Columns

Students taught to be ‘illegals,' 12/31/07

Some traditions are mysteries, 12/24/07

US health care not in crisis, 12/17/07

Teddy bear incites hatred, riots, 12/10/07

'Hunger’ now means obesity, 12/03/07

Dogs bred to fight are not safe, 11/26/07

Females will fight to be free, 11/19/07

Is the next president a puppet?, 11/12/07

Kids’ health program expanded, 11/05/07

Conservatives often silenced, 10/29/07

Ballot wording confuses voters, 10/22/07

Pro-tax blog scares opponents, 10/15/07

Freedom is lost bit by bit, 10/8/07

Jena 6 violence can be avoided, 10/1/07

Simpson trial a tipping point, 9/24/07

Land use control bill coming, 9/17/07

Gay solicitation is strange story, 9/10/07

‘Flashbulb’ memories are vivid, 9/3/07

TV show accused of child abuse, 8/27/07

Hate crime laws are confusing, 8/20/07

Let bridge experts do their jobs, 8/13/07

Medical bankruptcy not a threat, 8/6/07

Sunfish not so stupid after all, 7/23/07

Laughing is not allowed now, 7/16/07

1999 4th of July was destructive, 7/9/07

Union ballots should be secret, 7/2/07

Gaza civil war can’t be denied, 6/25/07

Iranians need US to look impotent, 6/11/07

Immigration bill’s a rotten deal, 6/4/07

Soaking the rich doesn’t work, 5/28/07

Using disaster for a cheap shot, 5/21/07

Twin Cities need to be ready, 5/14/07

A falsehood repeated endlessly, 5/7/07

Ice-out on lake amazing sight, 4/30/2007

Freudian slips are part of life, 4/23/07

Do voters want to pay more?, 4/16/07

The John Doe Manifesto, 4/9/07

Some taxes can’t be tolerated, 4/2/07

Muslim cashiers won’t touch pork, 3/26/07

Aggressive basketball entertains, 3/19/07

When? Where? How much snow?, 3/12/07

Bubonic plague carried by rats, 3/5/07

What will the future bring?, 2/26/07

Can humans cool the planet?, 2/19/07

Two cases, two illegals, two results, 2/12/07

Tybalt the cat is a big fellow, 2/5/07

Some fatwas are ludicrous, 1/29/07

What did Sandy ‘Burglar’ take?, 1/22/07

Canada’s two-tier health care, 1/15/07

Ethics charges took too long, 1/8/07

Is Jamil Hussein fictional or real?, 1/1/07

Roz Kohls
fromer Herald Journal & Enterprise Dispatch staff writer
2006 Columns

Is Jamil Hussein fictional or real?, 1/1/07

Those doggone bones are gone, 12/25/06

Handel’s ‘Messiah’ for Christmas, 12/18/06

More to Iman scare than prayers, 12/11/06

Let’s stick with all volunteers, 12/4/06

What’s worse, cancer or fat?, 11/27/06

E-85 didn’t change voters’ minds, 11/20/06

‘Just a joke’ is not an apology, 11/13/06

Some warriors really are heroes, 11/6/06

Halloween tales abound all year, 10/30/06

Ignore negative campaign ads, 10/23/06

Social Security threat looms, 10/16/06

No more guessing for employers, 10/9/06

Death penalty protects society, 10/2/06

Watch out for euphemisms, 9/25/06

Do stereotypes lead to terror?, 9/18/06

Phony Republicans claim to switch, 9/4/06

It’s those &#!$? politicians’ fault, 8/28/06

Annoying, but legal, behaviors, 8/21/06

Conspiracy theories and bunk, 8/14/06

Israel must prevail in conflict, 8/7/06

Religious prison program works, 7/31/06

We need photo ID cards to vote, 7/24/06

‘Godless’ is great summer reading, 7/10/06

Why are rich liberals waiting?, 7/3/06

Are liberals changing their tune?, 6/26/06

Spectators worry about the view, 6/19/06

Bibles weren’t forced on kids, 6/12/06

Since when are numbers private?, 6/5/06

When will Cokato have police?, 5/29/06

Save fuel, have fun in Minnesota, 5/22/06

Klobuchar doesn’t ‘get’ business, 5/15/06

Clinton proposed marriage act, 5/8/06

Algebra in 8th grade works, 5/1/06

Mumps gives officials practice, 4/24/06

Watch ‘Chronicles of Narnia’, 4/17/06

Illegal immigration hurts jobs, 4/10/06

Hassling smokers not city’s job, 4/3/06

Pastor tape records Johnson, 3/27/06

Kirby Puckett restores pride, 3/20/06

Global warming at 13 below, 3/13/06

Gay marriage to be hot topic, 3/6/06

Hatch’s election year gimmick, 2/27/06

Wetterling betrays her friend, 2/20/06

We need some better options, 2/13/06

Speak the truth about Castro, 2/6/06

Lourey’s name calling a mistake, 1/30/06

Can Dassel be a little Excelsior?, 1/23/06

Will lawsuits do the Feds’ job?, 1/16/06

Ethanol means convenience, 1/9/06

Dassel, castles and der Rathaus, 1/2/06

2005 Columns

School year length not a factor, 12/26/05

‘Survey’ tries to manipulate, 12/19/05

‘Casablanca’ best movie ever, 12/12/05

Media-fueled myth scares helpers, 12/5/05

Willis, a unique Hollywood celebrity, 11/28/05

Thanksgiving means tradition, 11/21/05

School lunches may rile parents, 10/31/05