2015 Columns
By the time you read this, I will no longer be editor, 4/6/15
2011 Columns

'Feet' was a blast, 5/30/11

2010 Columns

A Mississippi River experience

Bullying is a serious crime: seeking revenge for Phoebe, 4/12/10

Kaua’i on my mind, 2/15/10

2009 Columns

Remembering the Titanic, 10/26/09

Golfing for the good of Rotary, 10/12/09

Something must be done, 8/31/09

It’s not just a ball of twine, 7/20/09

Where do all the clothes go?, 6/29/09

How rumors are spread, 6/15/09

Can’t wait for it to be over, 5/18/09

Why I try to avoid the high school parking lot at 3:05 p.m., 4/20/09

Just a speck in this world, 3/30/09

It feels good to be back, 3/16/09

2008 Columns

A little humor won’t hurt, 10/27/08

Politics could make a saint look bad, 10/13/08

‘I have nothing to wear’, 9/29/08

Ban chemicals, not business, 9/15/08

What’s in your makeup? Part 2, 9/8/08

What’s in your makeup?, 9/1/08

Changing the law won’t help, 8/25/08

Stop oil dependence, period, 8/11/08

What’s wrong with promoting health?, 8/4/08

Political ignorance must stop, 7/21/08

High gas prices force change, but that might not be all bad, 7/7/08

Times are a changin’ – yet too much is staying the same, 6/30/08

Make time for industrial tech, 6/16/08

It’s just a scarf, for crying out loud, 6/2/08

Save on gas and your sanity, 5/26/08

Be thankful you live in America, 5/12/08

Suicides – another casualty of war, 4/28/08

Who’s to blame for cyber bullying?, 4/20/08

A possible slam on renters , 3/31/08

Standing by your man, 3/17/08

A trip to the Basilican, 3/10/08

When driving becomes deadly, 2/25/08

An introduction to Wii, 2/18/08

The body is a temple, 2/11/08

Another dirty campaign trick, 1/28/08

Going a bit too far, 1/21/08

Be aware of babblers, 1/14/08

Set goals not resolutions, 1/07/08

2007 Columns

A gift is good if it makes you cry, 12/24/07

It’s a dog-eat-human world, 12/10/07

Merry Christmas to all, 12/03/07

Anti-Christian, merely fiction, or both?, 11/12/07

Just fun and games and murder, 11/05/07

Get the spooks for Halloween, 10/29/07

The next New York City, 10/22/07

The wonderful world of technology, 10/8/07

Get the facts straight, 9/24/07

Living history with September 11, 9/17/07

It’s OK to be a sideline player, 9/10/07

Flood waters in our own backyard, 8/27/07

Skol Vikings, let’s go!, 8/20/07

The ‘first day of school’ nostalgia, 8/13/07

A high-stake job for teenagers, 8/6/07

A new generation of debates, 7/30/07

The Harry Potter spoilers, 7/23/07

The bottled water frenzy, 7/16/07

Weather you can depend on, 7/2/07

Ladder 49 becomes reality, 6/25/07

Gossip is just that, 6/18/07

Reduce, reuse, and . . . what?, 6/11/07

‘Not too late to say ‘thank you,' 6/4/07

‘Nothing out of the ordinary,’ 5/28/07

What’s in your plan?, 5/21/07

Clueless about religion, 5/14/07

Where is ‘Parenting 101?,’ 5/7/07

What they don’t teach in college, 4/16/07

Busy with ‘The Bachelor’, 4/9/07

Paying for convenience, 4/2/07

Straight from the horse’s mouth, 3/26/07

A sacrifice for the good of all, 3/19/07

As if elections aren’t long enough, 3/12/07

Nothing to do but watch movies, 3/5/07

The power of thought, 2/26/07

Playing it safe, 2/19/07

Eyes open to an inconvenient truth, 2/12/07

Don’t listen to the naysayers, 2/5/07

Just another statistic, 1/22/07

‘Accept the things I cannot change,’ 1/15/07

May the best voice win, 1/8/07

New recruiting strategies underway, 1/1/07

On My Mind
Kristen Miller
former Dassel-Cokato Enterprise Dispatch Editor

2006 Columns

Check out ‘The Nativity Story,' 12/18/06

Religion vs the Constitution, 12/11/06

No tacos on Easter, 11/27/06

Education has become a gamble, 11/20/06

Don’t make fun of accessories, 11/13/06

Who stands for what?, 11/6/06

Do you believe in ghosts?, 10/30/06

Have we become overly sensitive?, 10/16/06

And we worry about violence on TV, 10/2/06

It all happens for a reason, 9/11/06

Road construction isn’t so bad, 8/28/06

A different view from above, 8/7/06

Who doesn’t love a good storm?, 7/31/06

Could this be World War III?, 7/24/06

The importance of identity, 7/17/06

Selfishness isn’t what the Founding Fathers had in mind, 7/10/06

Mississippi will not be forgotten, 7/3/06

West Nile Virus sweeps nation!, 6/26/06

A great way to spend a rainy day, 6/19/06

Our obsession with the stars, 6/12/06

A glimpse of what the flag stands for, 6/5/06

Teach your children obedience, 5/29/06

Dassel Cokato brings in a crowd, 5/22/06

It’s not cool to have skin cancer, 5/15/06

Who are we to judge?, 5/8/06

Get rid of gas guzzling SUVs, 5/1/06

The Da Vinci Code is fiction, 4/24/06

A big change for two networks, 4/17/06

April showers bring May flowers, 4/10/06

‘Just Say No’ isn’t working, 4/3/06

Who do they think they are?, 3/27/06

Seek similarities not differences, 3/20/06

My experience in Waveland, Miss., 3/13/06

'You are blind if you can't see God down here' , 3/1/06

Many people drowned in their attics, 2/28/06

Arriving in Mississippi for the Katrina relief effort , 2/27/06

By the time you read this . . . I’ll be in Mississippi, 2/27/06

A capella – talented and funny, 2/20/06

A haunting weekend retreat, 2/13/06

When heroism is reprimanded, 2/6/06

Redefining the term ‘memoir’, 1/30/06

Dogs are a girl’s best friend, 1/23/06

Don’t be SAD...Do something!, 1/16/06

The legend of Johnny Cash, 1/9/06

Don’t stress about resolutions, 1/2/06

2005 Columns

My Christmas traditions, 12/26/05

Not as good as I was hoping, 12/19/05

A trip down memory lane, 12/12/05

It’s about time, 12/5/05

Prevention starts with kids, 11/28/05

Daunte who?, 11/21/05

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