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former member of the
Herald and Journal production staff

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A night in the life of a parent, 4/21/03

Have I got the place for your family to visit ­ The Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells, 3/24/03

Taking all the responsibility on myself . . . again, 1/13/03

We do know the real reason for the season, 12/23/02

The good and bad surprises of home ownership, 12/9/02

'What did he just call me?', 11/18/02

Wanted - a surefire cure for writer's block, 11/11/02

Bill Cosby comedy - entertainment for all of us, 10/28/02

The true price of a miracle: $1.11, 10/7/02

Goodbye, Michelle, 9/16/02

The great power of appreciation, 9/9/02

There is light at the end of the tunnel, 9/2/02

What's with the green catsup?, 8/19/02

The fly when you're sleeping, 7/22/02

Mourning the memory loss, 7/15/02

Ryan had a rather 'spotty' experience, 6/24/02

Sponge Bob-mania - 'Bring it around town', 6/17/02

Easter eggs aren't just for Easter, 6/10/02

Hold on to your hats, summer's closing in, 6/3/02

Very punny - light-hearted humor for today, 5/27/02

The real love of a lifetime, 5/20/02

Some great ideas and tips, 5/6/02

Third cousin, twice removed, or something, 4/15/02

Life as an '80s child, 4/8/02

Everyone has had a nickname, 4/1/02

Some come, some go; others stay forever, 3/25/02

Kids say (and do) the darnedest things, 3/18/02

Train 'em right from the beginning, 3/11/02

The angels are among us; comforting and caring, 3/4/02

That's just how it is. Who knew?, 2/25/02

We had a great time at the Pinewood Derby, 2/18/02

Money doesn't need to fly from your wallet, 2/11/02

'When it rains, it pours,' and other American slang, 1/28,02

New slogans for our strange state, 1/21/02

Witnessing the birth of a miracle - little Kylie, 1/14/02

Is it aging or responsibility that's changing?, 1/7/02

We all have our resolutions in mind
. . . or do we?,

The Christmas memories come flooding back, 12/24/01

All the mystery and excitement of Santa, 12/17/01

The moving is done, and now the tossing starts?, 12/10/01

I'll be back when I return to sanity again, 12/3/01

Did you realize that we are all filthy rich?, 11/26/01

Some tips for a stress-free holiday season, 11/19/01

Please tell me - what are we doing to our children?, 11/12/01

My very first new car hated me, 11/5/01

Yeah, Halloween is here for the kiddies!, 10/29/01

Pet peeves and quirks, analyzed, but yet unsolved, 10/22/01

Prime time television is getting creative, 10/15/01

The story of an eight-year breast cancer survivor, 10/8/01

School spirit can be felt as strongly as national loyalty, 10/1/01

Our hearts are heavy, yet we hold our heads high, 9/24/01

Love your photographer, 9/17/01

Cleaning up our act, 9/10/01

Let the games begin, 9/3/01

I won the Powerball!, 8/27/01

Have a heart, people, 8/20/01

How long can sibling rivalry possibly last?, 8/13/01

The computer and me, 8/6/01

Home, sweet home, 7/30/01

My new friend, the pediatrician, 7/23/01

Anything but the Dew!, 7/16/2001

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